Jerry Nadler Busted Not Wearing a Mask in Public (VIDEO)

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) has been politicizing the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of the shutdown, including making a show out of the use of masks in public settings.

However, photo and video of Nadler in public - and not wearing a mask - prove he doesn't live by the rules he demands of others.

At hearings this week, Nadler acted like a hall monitor, admonishing Republicans who he saw removing their masks to drink water.

However, also this week, Rogan O'Handley provided video and a photo proving Nadler to be nothing but a hypocrite.

He tweeted this picture of Nadler, with no mask in sight.

And then there was this video tweeted by Essential Fleccas, where he confronts Nadler about violence in Portland. Nadler then claims the violence by protesters does not exist.

Actor James Woods called out his hypocrisy as well.
Nadler has not commented on the photo or video.

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