Democrat Michael Bloomberg Blasts Beto and Biden's 'Apology Tours' (VIDEO)

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is committed to defeating President Donald Trump, but he isn't very impressed with the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates. Foremost among his disappointments are former Vice President Joe Biden and presidential candidate Francis "Beto" O'Rourke.

In a recent speech to the Bermuda Executive Forum, the billionaire financier and liberal Democrat had some choice words for Biden and O’Rourke, calling their recent comments an "apology tour" that lacked leadership and vision.

Bloomberg had previously announced that he would not run for president as a Democrat, saying he couldn't win "unless I was willing to change all my views and go on what CNN called ‘an apology tour.’"

He then turned his sights on Biden. "Joe Biden went out and apologized for being male, over 50, white," Bloomberg said. "He apologized for the one piece of legislation which is actually pretty good, the anti-crime bill. If the liberals ever read it, most of the things they like is in that bill. They should have loved that. But they didn’t even bother to read it. You’re anti-crime, you must be anti-populist."

It should be noted that his comments were made before Biden was accused of sexual harassment of a former Democratic state lawmaker. In that case, Biden denied any wrongdoing and refused to apologize.

Bloomberg also took aim at O’Rourke: "Beto, whatever his name is, he’s apologized for being born," he said in a dismissive tone.

Here is video of Bloomberg's comments, posted to Twitter by journalist Toni Waterman

Neither Biden nor O'Rourke have responded to the comments by Michael Bloomberg.

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