Starbucks Worker Arrested for Spitting in Cops' Coffee

A worker at a New Jersey Starbucks is facing multiple charges after he admitted to spitting in the drinks of local police officers whom he served.

Authorities say he would have never been caught, had he not been bragging about doing it. 

According to a report by, Kevin A. Trejo worked at a Starbucks in Park Ridge, New Jersey, and openly bragged about spitting in cops' coffee, which led to someone informing authorities. Police questioned him, and Chief Joseph Madden said he admitted to the act.

The 21-year-old not only lost his job at Starbucks, he is now facing some serious charges.

Trejo was charged with subjecting a law enforcement officer to bodily fluid, purposely tampering with a law enforcement officer's drink, and creating a hazardous environment.

Although the charges apply to a single incident, it is not clear if he spit in the drinks of other officers. 

More officers may have been exposed to Trejo's actions. Management at the Park Ridge location have a good relationship with local officers, and often held "Coffee with a Cop" events there. Now, many of those officers are going to undergo testing for COVID-19 as a result of the spiked coffee.  

Park Ridge Police Capt. Joseph Rampolla said it was "extremely disturbing to think that someone would intentionally spit in your drink. We believe this was an isolated act, but it does not remove the shock and disgust that our officers feel."

Patrick Colligan, president of the New Jersey State Policemen's Benevolent Association, said "officers risk their lives daily; it shouldn't be while getting coffee."

Starbucks' corporate office called Trejo's actions "reprehensible."

"We will continue to support Park Ridge Police in their investigation and have a deep respect for the Park Ridge Police Department and the officers who help keep our partners and communities safe," the Starbucks spokesperson said.

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