Shocking Telemundo Poll: Majority of Latinos Think Trump Won the Debate (VIDEO)


After the Presidential Debate on Tuesday night, media pundits began their usual spin, and some outlets asked viewers to weigh in.

That strategy backfired on Spanish-language network Telemundo, who got an unexpected response from viewers to its Twitter poll. When asked who they believe won the debate, an overwhelming 69% said they believed Trump won.

That certainly crushes the media narrative that Trump's aggressive debate style was a negative. Many media outlets openly condemned Trump as a bully and unpresidential.

 Here's the tweet from Telemundo, with the final results.

Telemundo was quick to point out on air that the poll was "unscientific," and it did not mention the poll again on its Twitter account. In the meantime, Telemundo has tweeted multiple times about the President seemingly endorsing a "white supremacist" group, even though his statement offered no such thing.

Here's video of the announcement of the poll results live on Telemundo, to the shock of the anchors.

It seems Vice President Biden isn't having the impact among Latinos that he had hoped for. At a recent speech, he played the song "Despacito" on his phone in a shameless bid to appear relevant. It ended up becoming a moment that was mocked by many online.

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