'Baby Lives Matter' Mural Painted Outside a Planned Parenthood (VIDEO)

A Planned Parenthood in Salt Lake City, Utah got an unexpected surprise Saturday morning: a mural on the street outside their front door proclaiming “Baby Lives Matter.”

The mural was painted by a local artist, and it quickly began making the rounds of conservative social media.

The artist, Tayler Hansen, told local media that he painted the mural about 1:00 a.m. and fashioned it around the "Black Lives Matter" murals being painted on streets across the country.

“With recent events unfolding, everybody knows about the Black Lives Matter murals unfolding around the nation,” he said. “I thought I would bring awareness to one of the biggest human rights crises that nobody wants to talk about.”

According to Hansen, he used paint that would wash away within ten days. However, someone was able to remove the mural later that same day. It is not clear if city personnel or Planned Parenthood staff removed the mural.

"The mural has already been desecrated and erased to an extent," Hansen tweeted. THIS IS NOT OVER!”

KUTV, the local CBS affiliate in Salt Lake City, covered the mural for its newscast.

Planned Parenthood has not commented on the mural.

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H/T: Live Action

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