Snowflake reporters celebrate 'Hug A Newsperson Day' (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump has the mainstream media so rattled, they are now asking for hugs.

April 4 is National Hug A Newsperson Day, with reporters across the country seeking solace and love from just about anyone.

National Hug A Newsperson Day is actually not a new thing - so you cannot blame Donald Trump for creating this ridiculous celebration. This year, however, it takes on a significant new meaning for reporters who had their delicate sensibilities hurt by our mean old President and his straight talk. The day itself dates back to at least 2015, when it was known as National Hug a Newsman Day. It has since taken on a gender-neutral identity.

There are, however, some reporters who get some much-deserved love. Check out this video from last year, when Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends got a hug for standing up for Megyn Kelly.

Someone let me know when it is National Slap Some Sense Into A Newsperson Day.

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