CBS News pushes a transgender agenda (VIDEO)

CBS News has released a short documentary on that further complicates the transgender issue. In an attempt to be more politically correct than anyone else, CBS News is ready to advocate for any type of gender identification someone can think of. Just wait until you see how they try to explain "non-binary."

Here is how CBS News introduces and promotes the "non-binary" gender concept in their report.  
"...There is a category of transgender person we still never hear about. They are called non-binary. They use different pronouns than the rest of us. And they do not identify with being either a man or a woman. Rather, these individuals often choose to reject gender completely, blend aspects of both, or to fluctuate between masculinity and femininity on a day-to-day basis. Simply put, the type of transgender people the media portrays — the sort who transition from man to woman, or from woman to man — are just the tip of the iceberg."
CBS News isn't the only media outlet promoting this concept. An editorial director of Teen Vogue advocates for it as well. You read that right - a publication aimed at teenage girls is on the "non-binary" train, and promoting it on their platform.
“There's a certain palatable transgender person who has been put forth in the media,” explains Phil Picardi, digital editorial director of Teen Vogue. “Transgender doesn’t just look like one thing. It doesn’t just look like Caitlyn Jenner or like Laverne Cox. And even though those people deserve an immense amount of praise for their bravery and for being willing to make strides in this space, we also have to be accepting, and not always catering to the palates of cisgender people. We need to be more open-minded about what [transgender] looks like.”
The CBS News report continues to try to explain what "non-binary" means, and doesn't do a very good job at it.  
In other words, “cisgender” people — or the majority of folks who identify with the gender we were given at birth — tend to think of gender as a binary: There are men and there are women. And so, when we became acquainted with the concept of transgender, we look at it as part of that same binary... as if the only option for trans people was to end up as either a man or a woman.

In reality, however, there exists a whole spectrum of gender identification options between those two binary ends. In fact, Facebook now offers 58 options for users; Tinder has 37. People can be agender, genderqueer, two-spirit, bigender, gender fluid... the terms go on and on. And even then, there exists a custom write-in option for people who still do not feel that their gender identity is represented as part of that list. What’s more, if users select this “custom” option, a question pops up to inquire about their preferred pronouns.

“I tend to use the analogy of sexual orientation,” explains Dr. John Steever, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center. “Most people are familiar with being either straight or gay. And most people are familiar with the concept of being bisexual, attracted to both. So if you apply that construct to gender, then that opens up the idea that there is more than just boys, girls, men, women. There can be people who live in the spaces between that. And I’ll often point out examples from pop culture — people like Grace Jones or David Bowie — people whose gender presentation is a little ambiguous.”
 Anyone feeling a little "two-spirit" yet?

Watch the documentary below and wonder for yourself if some people are needlessly complicating gender identity for no good reason at all.

Here is the report.

Did everyone get that? Because there will be a "non-binary" quiz tomorrow.

Let us know what you think of CBS News' transgender agenda in the comments below. 

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