Why is Amazon selling a Hitler action figure?

An independent seller is selling a custom-made action figure of Adolf Hitler on Amazon. It is unclear how long the item has been for sale, but comments on the item's Amazon page date back to June of 2016.

The figure appears to be made from recycled G.I. Joe action figure parts, and placed in a custom-made G.I. Joe-themed package. Here is the item as pictured on the website.

Custom-made G.I. Joe action figures are nothing new. Many fans create their own novelty figures from recycled parts, and packaging that looks similar to the original toy packaging can be made with Photoshop. That appears to be the case here.

The seller doesn't appear to be the person who created the figure. They seem more interested in selling Shopkins. With a price of $800 on the figure, it isn't likely to sell anytime soon.

It seems unusual for Amazon to allow an item like this to remain available on their website. The company is known for removing controversial items, like the Confederate flag. How any item listed as "Hitler" does not raise a red flag somewhere is a mystery.

You can see it for yourself on Amazon by clicking here.

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