Trump pushes for GOP unity on Obamacare replacement in Twitter video

President Trump took to Twitter Thursday in a final push to get Republicans to support his Obamacare replacement plan. In a video, he asked voters to push their members of Congress to support the bill.

The tweet and video comes at a time when Republicans are split over whether to support the bill. Some call it "Obamacare Lite," while others say it leaves too many people without insurance or with higher rates and costs.

The Freedom Caucus leads a group of conservative Republicans opposed to the new plan. They are pushing for a plan with more free market support. Supporters of President Trump's plan say the Obamacare replacement bill is a necessary first step. They argue dismantling Obamacare will require some steps Republicans do not want to support, but are necessary as a new system is built.

Earlier today, President Trump invited members of the Freedom Caucus to the White House. While the meeting was described as constructive, the two sides seem far apart. Senator Mike Lee says he does not expect the measure to pass, if there is a vote at all.

Here is the tweet from President Trump, with his video appeal.

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