Liberals target 10 conservative companies for boycott

An activist group called Liberals Unite has targeted ten companies that progressives should boycott. The list includes major companies and corporations, and the group outlines the evidence of their crime: supporting conservative values and Republican candidates.

Here is the list compiled by Mindy Fischer, along with her reasoning as to why they should be boycotted. Of course, this list is also a good reminder to us to support these companies when we can, to counter the boycott.

1. Chick-fil-A
"...not only are they completely against gay marriage, they also are huge donors to extreme right wing candidates and causes."

2. Hobby Lobby
"Hobby Lobby is not only against a woman’s right to choose, but they are also against birth control."

3. Carl’s Jr.
"...they are also totally against gay rights. In addition Carl’s Jr. is also a big time donor for Conservative Super PACs and the Republican Party."

4. Walmart
"It is widely known that they pay their employees extremely low wages and are totally against any sort of raising of the national minimum wage. They are also famous for being anti-women."

5. Marriott Hotels
"Marriott, along with their subsidiary Ritz-Carlton, has been a major donor to Conservative Super PACs and extreme right wing candidates. Their chairman, J.W. Marriott Jr., contributed more than a Million dollars to Mitt Romney’s Super PAC, Restore Our Future."

6. Waffle House
"100% of all of their donations went directly to Conservatives. Waffle House’s CEO, Jim Rogers Jr., has been a big supporter of Republican causes for a very long time. In 2006 he joined the finance team for Mitt Romney’s Super PAC, Common Wealth PAC."

7. Angel Soft, Brawny, and Dixie
"Angel Soft toilet paper, Brawny paper towels, and Dixie cups are all subsidiaries of Koch Industries, headed by the Koch brothers. And they donate Millions of dollars every year to groups like The National Rifle Association, The National Right To Life Committee, and Grover Norquist."

8. Exxon
"Exxon Mobil has a very long history of fighting against the LGBT community. As the Huffington Post reported in 2013, Exxon 'has been fighting for years against non-discrimination protection and equal benefits coverage for their employees.'"

9. Cracker Barrel
"Cracker Barrel is yet another company who has had a long history of racist and anti-gay practices."

10. Urban Outfitters
"Urban Outfitters has a very well known reputation for being both anti-women and anti-gay. In 2008, the company’s president and founder, Richard Haney, decided to back the homophobic Rick Santorum. This company is also a major donor for extreme Conservative causes and candidates."

After the list was posted, progressives recommended two more companies be added to the list: Papa John's and In-N-Out Burger. Papa John's CEO John Schnatter has supported pro-capitalism Republican candidates, including Donald Trump. In-N-Out Burger prints Bible verses on their packaging, and has been targeted for their conservative values.

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