BUSTED! Kamala Harris is Guarded by Rifle She Wants Banned and Cops She Wants Defunded (PICS)

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris has some explaining to do, after she was caught being guarded with the exact weapon she wants to ban from private ownership. The Democratic Vice Presidential candidate was also seen being escorted by dozens of police officers, which she has called to defund. 

This isn't a revelation of any sort. Harris has been guarded by Secret Service ever since she was named as Joe Biden's running mate. That doesn't excuse the obvious hypocrisy, however. 

Harris recently visited Florida Memorial University in Miami and was photographed being protected by Secret Service agents armed with AR-15s. The Daily Mail obtained the pictures exclusively and published them.

During her run for president, Harris promised to ban what she called "assault weapons." She included in that term the AR-15, even though it is a semi-automatic weapon and doesn't meet the technical standards of fully-automatic "assault weapons." 

Harris promised that if Congress didn't pass a gun ban, she would use an executive order to do so within the first 100 days of her administration. 

When it comes to her personal safety, however, Harris seems to have no problem having the Secret Service use AR-15s. 

A member of Harris' Secret Service detail.

In addition, Harris' security detail included two dozen police officers, and the Daily Mail reported some had to be brought in from as far away as Homestead, 30 miles away. Her husband, who also accompanied her, had his own security detail.

Harris has vocally supported nationwide protests against police and calls to defund police departments in favor of "alternate" forms of law enforcement, including community organizations and education.

At Florida Memorial University, Harris met with Black community leaders about the current state of race relations.

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