Larry Elder Attacked by White Liberal Activist in Gorilla Mask; Media Silent

California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder was attacked by a white liberal activist, in an incident being largely ignored by the media for its racist undertones.

Elder is the leading choice to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in the California recall election. Local and national media, however, has been aggressively antagonistic in their coverage of him. 

Elder was in Venice visiting a homeless encampment Wednesday when a white liberal activist wearing a gorilla mask yelled at Elder that he wasn't "a real black man," and threw an egg at him. Additional activist attacked Elder's security when they intervened.

Despite thousands of tweets on Twitter, however, the incident never "trended," and most national media ignored the story. Those that did framed the incident as if Elder was angering voters with his visit, and never mentioned the gorilla mask nor the statements of the white attackers.

The Los Angeles Times, who called Elder a "white supremacist" in an editorial, reported on the incident with the headline "Larry Elder cuts short Venice homeless encampment tour after hostile reception." 

When ABC7 in Los Angeles reported on the incident, however, they ignored the racial undertones and the identity of the attackers. They attempted to report that the incident was due to homeless people angry at Elder, and even though a cameraman was there, their video did not show the attackers, only Elder leaving in his SUV.

From their reporting:

But Elder arrived in Venice to tour a homeless encampment, we were there when those who live at the encampment at Sunset and 3rd weren't pleased to see the Republican candidate to governor. An egg was thrown at Elder as the crowd grew, shouting at the conservative radio talk show host.

Video from The First TV, however, shows what really happened.

Elder was not injured in the incident.

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