Reza Aslan is Still on Twitter, Despite Posting This Disgusting Tweet

Former CNN personality Reza Aslan has long been a polarizing figure on Twitter, mostly for his criticism of President Donald Trump and his radical statements of his Muslim faith.

And yet, the liberal author and lecturer still has a presence on the social media platform, even after tweeting a threat of violence against Covington Catholic School student Nick Sandmann, who was falsely accused of racism and harassment.

In the days that followed the outbreak of the Covington students controversy in January, social media jumped the gun and accused the Covington students of inciting the harassment of Nathan Philips, a Native American activist.

After it was shown that the students did nothing wrong, a number of Twitter users who criticized the students as racist quickly apologized and deleted their inflammatory tweets. In some isolated situations, users who posted threats or called for violence had their accounts suspended by Twitter.

For the most part, however, Twitter ignored a number of threats against the students, including Reza Aslan. Even while conservatives are being banned, and others are being suspended for tweeting "Learn to code," Aslan is still on Twitter for tweeting this incitement of violence against Sandmann.

The tweet is still live, and Aslan has never apologized for it.

Anyone really surprised?

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