Jared Kushner calls Russia meetings "A Waste Of Time"

Jared Kushner appears before Congress today to clear up his involvement in the "Russian Collusion" scandal, and has released a prepared statement that he will read during his testimony.

Sesame Street tweets a not-so-subtle gay message to kids

LGBTQ/Gay Pride Month may be over, but you should be aware of something the folks at Sesame Street did to mark the occasion. They couldn't let the month pass without giving the LGBTQ community a sign, even if they were careful not to say it outright.

Trump sends CNN to the BACK ROW at press event (Hilarious Mark Dice video)

Jim Acosta of CNN was beside himself in sorrow on Friday (June 9) when he was relegated to the back of the pack at a White House press event. While the other major media outlets got front-row seats, Acosta was put in "media Siberia." 

EPIC STUPIDITY: The ACLU thinks climate change causes racism

Try to wrap your head around this. After President Donald Trump announced America's withdrawal from the Paris climate change accord, the ACLU denounced it. That should come as no surprise, but what was surprising was their reasoning.

Los Angeles launches program to recruit LGBTQ foster parents (VIDEO)

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month, and facing a shortfall of foster parents, Los Angeles County is sponsoring a campaign to recruit LGBTQ parents.

The campaign, in conjunction with RaiseAChild.org, consists of seminars, media, and even street signage reaching out to gay and LGBTQ couples to consider foster parenting.

Will the Disney World Hall of Presidents censor Trump?

Disney is reportedly considering "muting" President Donald Trump when his animatronic figure is added to the Hall of Presidents attraction at Disney theme parks. The landmark attraction features every President, and traditionally, recent Presidents "talk" to the audience. That may now change.

New Anonymous Video: USA, North Korea secretly preparing for World War 3

The hacktivist group Anonymous is warning that war over North Korea is imminent, and the world's superpowers are already preparing for it. The message comes in a new video posted to the group's official YouTube account.

Liberals target 10 conservative companies for boycott

An activist group called Liberals Unite has targeted ten companies that progressives should boycott. The list includes major companies and corporations, and the group outlines the evidence of their crime: supporting conservative values and Republican candidates.

TRUE STORY! Wild boars in Iraq are better ISIS killers than Obama ever was

USA Today is reporting a story many will find hard to believe: a group of wild boars in Iraq attacked a group of ISIS militants, killing three and injuring five more. That's more dedication than President Obama had against ISIS in eight years of his presidency.

'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Scandal' creator Shonda Rhimes joins Planned Parenthood board of directors

Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind the shows "Grey's Anatomy,” “Scandal,” and "How to Get Away With Murder," has been an outspoken abortion advocate for some time. She has been a key supporter of Planned Parenthood for years, and now, she has taken a big next step.

Police arrest surprising suspects behind racist graffiti at a Texas high school

Police in Plano, Texas had real trouble finding the persons responsible for spray painting the n-word at a local high school. When they discovered those responsible, they had real trouble believing their eyes.

Muslim artist fired over anti-Christian and anti-Jewish messages in an X-Men comic book

A Muslim artist has been fired from Marvel Comics after he was caught inserting hidden anti-Christian and anti-Semitic messages into an issue of an X-Men comic book.

The shocking personal connections between D.C. Democrats and the media

The cozy relationship between Democrats in Washington and the mainstream media became even more apparent after Obama advisor Susan Rice found herself back in the news recently.

After revelations that Rice was behind the "unmasking" of names of Trump associates in U.S. intelligence reports, ABC News ignored the story. That was because Rice has a close, personal connection ABC News that most were unaware of. She isn't the only Washington Democrat with friends and family in the same media tasked to report on them.

CBS News pushes a transgender agenda (VIDEO)

CBS News has released a short documentary on CBSNews.com that further complicates the transgender issue. In an attempt to be more politically correct than anyone else, CBS News is ready to advocate for any type of gender identification someone can think of. Just wait until you see how they try to explain "non-binary."

Snowflake reporters celebrate 'Hug A Newsperson Day' (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump has the mainstream media so rattled, they are now asking for hugs.

April 4 is National Hug A Newsperson Day, with reporters across the country seeking solace and love from just about anyone.

Trump pushes for GOP unity on Obamacare replacement in Twitter video

President Trump took to Twitter Thursday in a final push to get Republicans to support his Obamacare replacement plan. In a video, he asked voters to push their members of Congress to support the bill.

The tweet and video comes at a time when Republicans are split over whether to support the bill. Some call it "Obamacare Lite," while others say it leaves too many people without insurance or with higher rates and costs.

The Freedom Caucus leads a group of conservative Republicans opposed to the new plan. They are pushing for a plan with more free market support. Supporters of President Trump's plan say the Obamacare replacement bill is a necessary first step. They argue dismantling Obamacare will require some steps Republicans do not want to support, but are necessary as a new system is built.

Earlier today, President Trump invited members of the Freedom Caucus to the White House. While the meeting was described as constructive, the two sides seem far apart. Senator Mike Lee says he does not expect the measure to pass, if there is a vote at all.

Here is the tweet from President Trump, with his video appeal.

Suspect in Westminster attack is Muslim activist

Reports say the man behind the terrorist attack in London is Abu Izzadeen, a British spokesman for Al Ghurabaa, a British Muslim organization banned under the 2006 British Terrorism Act for the glorification of terrorism.

At least four are dead after Izzadeen drove a car into a crowd on the Westminster Bridge, then crashed near the British Parliament, where he stabbed a police officer. He was then shot by police.

We'll report on this more as details develop.

OJ Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark now raising money for Planned Parenthood

Marcia Clark, who rose to fame as the prosecuting attorney in the O.J. Simpson case, has a new cause: Planned Parenthood.

The woman who defended the murder victims of the football legend is now defending the nation's leading baby killer.

Princeton alumni ban Stormtrooper costumes at party for being too "Nazi"

A Star Wars-themed party organized by Princeton alumni banned the use of Stormtrooper costumes, arguing that they might remind people of Nazis and trigger someone.

I've got a bad feeling about this. 

Hillary loves the Russkies! (MEME)

The next time you hear someone accuse the Trump administration of having a cozy relationship with Russia, show them this meme. You can click the image to see a larger version.

BREAKING: Colin Kaepernick says he will stand for National Anthem in 2017 NFL games

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has announced that he will stand for the National Anthem during the 2017 football season. You likely will not be surprised over the reason why.

The Tennessee GOP Twitter trolled Hillary Clinton HARD during Trump's speech

That's gonna leave a mark. The Tennessee Republican Party's Twitter account was in fine form Tuesday night, as they took aim at the failed presidential candidate. Warning: Smackdown Tweet Ahead!

Conservative artist trolls Hollywood with hilarious posters outside the Oscars

A poster by conservative artist Sabo, outside of the Oscars theater. We have edited the profanity.

Conservative street artist Sabo is at it again. The artist has made a name for himself by using his art to stick it to liberals in the Los Angeles area. Today, he took aim at the "limousine liberals" in Hollywood, and the Oscars in particular.

Sabo hung a number of satirical posters and set up fake Redbox kiosks around the Oscars theater. The posters look legitimate enough to be real promotional items, until you realize what they say.  The kiosks slam the Oscar nominees as unworthy of paying full price, and barely worth a Redbox rental.

Watch Nordstrom shoppers protest the company's treatment of Ivanka Trump (VIDEO)

It seems Mama Grizzlies shop at Nordstrom. At least, they used to.

A new Facebook video shows a number of women walking into a Nordstrom to cancel their store accounts in protest of the company's decision to drop Ivanka Trump's clothes and shoe lines.

Facebook's COO just gave Planned Parenthood $1 MILLION TO SUPPORT ABORTION

The COO of Facebook is such a fan of baby killing, she is giving Planned Parenthood a million dollars.

Sheryl Sandberg is a regular, long-time donor to Planned Parenthood, and the nation's largest abortion provider celebrated her support.

Family writes brutally honest obituary for "evil" man

How do you recognize the passing of a truly evil person? You pull no punches, which is exactly what the family of Leslie Ray Charping did.

Charping, a former resident of Galveston, Texas, passed on January 30. His family issued a brutal obituary on the funeral home's website. It has since been taken down, as notoriety of the obituary spread on the internet.

Papa John's CEO is a Trump supporter who favors small government

Papa John's is the home of better ingredients and better pizza. It is also the home of better principles.

Papa John's CEO John Schnatter (above) has made no bones of his small government beliefs. Like many entrepreneurs, he sees the danger big government poses to free enterprise. Which may explain why he supports Republicans.

Watch U.S. Apache Choppers Take Out Taliban Fighters (Violent Content)

Here's a blast from the past that we hope to see again: combat video of U.S. Apache helicopters taking out Muslim terrorists.

Navy investigation targeting SEALS who put a Trump flag on a Humvee

Apparently, it is now against Navy regulations to fly a flag with the President's name on it.

The Navy is investigating a Navy SEAL team after they were photographed flying a Trump flag on a Humvee.

Time-lapse video shows the huge crowd at the March for Life

Hundreds of thousands of pro-life supporters descended on Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life last Friday, and for once, the media took notice. Now, a new time-lapse video shows just how massive the crowd was.

The media seems to obsessed with crowd size for marches like this, but the National Parks Service no longer provides estimates. However, this video gives some idea of just how many people turned out. Spoiler: it was a lot.

Is this dark horse candidate Donald Trump's pick for Supreme Court?

There has been plenty of speculation as to who President Donald Trump may choose to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.

There is speculation tonight that Trump has made an unexpected choice as his nominee.

'Black Man Loses Job:' The Onion mocks Obama on his way out

The Onion has had a pretty good run over the past eight years, mocking Barack Obama and his liberal hypocrisy. As Obama left office on Friday, however, the satire website couldn't help one last shot.

Watch Trump protesters attack a Washington D.C. Starbucks (VIDEO)

More insanity from the inauguration of Donald Trump. It seems liberals have found a new threat to democracy: STARBUCKS!

VIDEO: Trump supporters attacked outside the Deploraball

Violence broke out at the Deploraball in Washington, D.C. last night. Right Side Broadcasting was recording when James Allsup was attacked.

Liberals demand Girl Scouts drop out of Trump's inauguration parade, but they had a defiant response

The Girl Scouts are facing criticism for their decision to march in Donald Trump's inauguration parade on Friday. In a response to the furor from liberals, the Girl Scouts remained defiant, and focused on the historic importance of the moment.

CNN fantasizes about a Trump assassination, Obama staying in power

Remember when the media roasted Sarah Palin in 2010 for telling conservatives to "reload" for the political fight ahead? They accused her of inciting violence. Fast forward to now, and we have Wolf Blitzer and CNN fantasizing about a Donald Trump assassination.

Was Martin L. King a secret Republican?

Martin Luther King made a point of never revealing his political party identity. However, many who knew and worked with him contend the civil rights icon was a Republican. Even more argue that he would be a Republican today.

Obama's dog just can't stop attacking white girls

Sunny, the Portuguese Water Dog owned by the Obamas, attacked a young white girl who was visiting the White House this week. It isn't the first time Sunny has lashed out at white girls. In fact, Sunny has a habit of ONLY attacking white girls.

Seriously, we're not making this up.

The media is ignoring the incredible testimony of Jeff Sessions' friend and colleague (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Jeff Sessions made his case to be Donald Trump's attorney general. Today, his long-time colleague and former counsel testified at his conformation hearing. The media, however, is choosing to ignore it. We, however, have the video.

FLORIDA TERROR ATTACK: Ft. Lauderdale Shooting Video released

TMZ has obtained video (shown below) of the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting. Only a few seconds of the security video have been released of the terror attack, but it shows the shooter firing several shots.

Donald Trump gets a Garbage Pail Kids card, and it's awesome

You remember Garbage Pail Kids, don't you? Those crazy sticker cards with gross-out subjects were a big hit in the 1980s. You might be surprised to learn that they are still around, and they just created a card of Donald Trump kicking off the New Year by kicking out the old one. It's WHO Trump is kicking, however, that makes the card hilarious. You can read more after the jump.