Navy investigation targeting SEALS who put a Trump flag on a Humvee

Apparently, it is now against Navy regulations to fly a flag with the President's name on it.

The Navy is investigating a Navy SEAL team after they were photographed flying a Trump flag on a Humvee.

Fox News reports.
The video was shot Sunday on I-65 near Louisville and shows the Trump flag flapping in the wind from the back of a Humvee that was in a convoy with seven other Humvees, according to local reports.

The unit is part of the Naval Special Warfare Group 2 assigned to Fort Knox, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported Thursday.

The Defense Department initially told the paper the convoy wasn’t connected to an active military unit.

A spokeswoman for the SEALs unit , Lt. Jacqui Maxwell, told local media the flag violated Navy rules because of its political nature.
This sounds like an investigation by some Obama administration appointee holdovers. What self-respecting military person even worries about this kind of thing?

President Trump has not yet commented on this incident. We have a feeling that if this investigation progresses, he will.

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