WATCH: ANTIFA Rioter Throws Molotov Cocktail at Cops, Sets Himself on Fire Instead (Multiple Angles)

molotov cocktail guy

ANTIFA members in Portland, Oregon celebrated their 100th night of violent protests by throwing fireworks and Molotov cocktails at police officers. It didn't go well for one rioter, however.

After multiple violent acts by ANTIFA members, including seeing Molotov cocktails thrown, Portland police announced they were calling the protest a riot and ordered the streets cleared and the crowd to disperse.

That didn't deter the crowd, and one unidentified protester appeared to try to throw another Molotov, only to have it land at his feet and break open, setting him on fire.

This video, by Tayler Hansen (@TaylerUSA on Twitter), shows the full incident, including having the rioter's friends yell at him to "stop, drop, and roll." It even shows that the officers that he attempted to burn actually stepped in to try to help.

Video of the incident has since been "remixed" to put music to it, with hilarious results.

If the "Macarena" is more your style, here you go.

For you disco fans. there's this.

Internet legend Steve Inman has even provided his famous commentary to the clip.

Police weren't playing around once a riot was declared, taking down offenders with nice open tackles.

Here's footage from the entire night of riots. It also includes footage of ANTIFA leaders instructing followers how to block streets.

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