WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Forgets George Floyd's Name While Trying to 'Honor' Him

In a cringe-worthy video, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi forgot the name of George Floyd, the victim of police brutality that has sparked nationwide protests and calls for change.

The incident came during a press briefing by Pelosi, in which she was discussing a Democratic police reform bill currently under consideration.

Pelosi told reporters that she had spoken to Floyd's brother, who asked if the bill could be named after George. She told him that she would recommend to the Judiciary Committee and the Congressional Black Caucus that his name be added to the bill.

In her comments to the press (shown in the video below), however, Pelosi slurred her words and forgot George Floyd's name.

“I said 'I'll recommend that to the Judiciary Committee and to the Congressional Black Caucus who have shaped the bill, but I only will do that if you tell me that this legislation is worthy of George Kirby’s name,' and he said it is, and so we’re very proud, we’re very proud to carry that," she told reporters. She never caught the mistake or corrected herself.

Lapses in speech have been common for the Democrats in recent days, when it comes to George Floyd. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer referred to him as “Floyd Taylor” combining Floyd's name with Breonna Taylor, another victim of police violence. In Schumer's case, however, he caught his mistake and corrected himself.

The newly-renamed "George Floyd Justice in Policing Act" was passed on Thursday, but is not expected to pass in the Republican-controlled Senate. A GOP-written police reform bill was blocked by Democrats, who refused Sen. Tim Scott's offer to sit down and work on a bipartisan bill.

Here is the video.

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