An ANTIFA Protester Teased a Police Dog. IT DID NOT END WELL (VIDEO)

A video posted to Twitter shows what happens when you test a police dog. It shows an ANTIFA supporter learning a hard and painful lesson.

The video, posted to Twitter by Joel Fischer and included below, shows a protest in which police with dog units were deployed.

It is not clear where the protest is taking place, but the video shows an unruly crowd chanting "F--- the police." Many of the protesters are white people dressed in solid black, the preferred motif for many ANTIFA activists.

Several people are shown taunting the barking police dog, dancing just out of the reach of its leash.

The camera shifts momentarily, and we hear a scream, only to see what appears to be a young teen being bitten on the rear end by the dog. It appears the teen backed up to taunt the dog and got too close.

The teen eventually gets loose from the dog, with a noticeable hole in his/her pants. The crowd, of course, reacts angrily, as if the attack was unprovoked.

Here's the aftermath of the bite on the protester's backside.

Here's the video.

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