Dallas Man Beaten by Rioters While Defending Store (VIDEO WARNING)

Warning: The video included in this article is very disturbing.

A Dallas man reportedly defending his store from rioters was savagely beaten in a disturbing video posted to Twitter.

Details on the exact sequence of events that led up to the video are in question, but here is what we know.

Journalist Elijah Schaffer posted the video to his Twitter account, and says the man used a sword to defend a store from looters. He says looters ran at him, and he charged them.

He was then surrounded by rioters, who ganged up on him and beat him mercilessly. Even after he no longer posed a threat, and seemed to be unconscious, rioters continued to stomp and kick him. The video sows a rioter taking his phone as he is left in the street with blood on the pavement.

It is not clear if the man was the owner or an employee of the store. Other video of the incident shows the man chasing rioters, so it is not clear who confronted who first.

ABC affiliate WFAA reported that he was a "man with a machete" and that he confronted rioters first, but the characterization of a machete seems inaccurate. They offer no proof that he was the aggressor.

Initial claims on Twitter said the man was dead, but it appears he is currently still alive at a local hospital.

Here is the video. Be warned: it is violent and disturbing.

This story will be updated.

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