OJ Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark now raising money for Planned Parenthood

Marcia Clark, who rose to fame as the prosecuting attorney in the O.J. Simpson case, has a new cause: Planned Parenthood.

The woman who defended the murder victims of the football legend is now defending the nation's leading baby killer.

Clark was in Dallas recently to help fund-raise for Planned Parenthood. NBC-DFW reports
"I think Planned Parenthood is in jeopardy and that means millions of low-income women in particular, their lives, their health, [and] the health of their children is in jeopardy. So, it's never been a more important time to stand up and be heard."

Clark came to speak to supporters at the Dallas Planned Parenthood Annual Awards Luncheon at a time when Congress is threatening to defund the organization over providing abortion services.
Clark joins another high profile supporter to raise money for Planned Parenthood in north Texas. Barbara Bush, the daughter of former President George W. Bush, was the keynote speaker for a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Ft. Worth last week.

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