Gay conservative puts intolerant Mozilla in its place

You've likely heard the news about Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich stepping down as head of the company because in 2008, he gave $1,000 to a group supporting Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California. Eich had helped found the company and had only recently been appointed CEO. He refused to discuss the topic in public, saying it was a private matter. It is still unclear how knowledge of the donation was made public from the tax return of a private citizen.

Gay rights advocates mounted a protest and boycott of the company until Eich departed, and Mozilla apologized after he left the company, stating that "we haven't stayed true to ourselves" in hiring Eich and insisting that it supports "equality and freedom of speech." Well, one out of two, apparently.

While many on the left (and the media) celebrated the move as a victory against anti-gay bigotry, one person ignited a firestorm by calling out Mozilla and gay rights advocates on their hypocrisy. And he did it in less than 140 characters.

A conservative blogger writing under the pseudonym of "American Elephants" (also the name of his well-written, insightful political blog) took to Twitter to say this:
His tweet, and many that he posted afterwards, earned praise from the right and condemnation from the left. Liberals accused him either of betraying his gay brethren or not actually being gay at all. The blogger refused to back down; in fact, he doubled down, dropping common sense bombs that argued that the "equality" some want cannot come at the expense of others' personal rights. His tweets on the subject were not only insightful, but pretty damn funny. You can follow him on Twitter by clicking right here.


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