Texas: Illegal Immigrants Arrested in Horrific Child Abuse Case (VIDEO)

Two illegal immigrants from Mexico are under arrest in Dallas, accused in a disgusting case of child abuse and neglect involving a six-year-old.

Esmeralda Lira, 53, and her boyfriend Jose Balderas, 66, are in jail on child abuse charges involving Lira's grandson.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by KTVT, the CBS affiliate in Dallas, the pair had kept the boy tied up in a shed in their backyard for at least two weeks.

Police were called to the home, in the Pleasant Grove area of East Dallas, late Sunday night.

The boy told officers his grandmother began keeping him tied up in the shed since he “got out of school for this corona thing.” He told officers he was kept in the shed by his grandmother whenever she had to leave, and she would pull him by his ears, kick him, and tell him he was bad. She would bathe him with a water hose in the backyard. He was not allowed to go in the house.

Police said the child told them the grandmother would give him a plastic bag each morning to use the bathroom in.

According to police, the shed had rats and insects.

The 66-year-old boyfriend said he was aware of the abuse but did not intervene.

Both Lira and Balderas had their bond set at $100,000 each. They face felony charges of endangering ​a child.

ICE detainers were also placed on each as both are in the country illegally.

Two other children in the home, who were not subjected to the same abuse, were removed and placed in CPS custody.

Here is a report from CBS 11 in Dallas.

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