CNN Media Darling Hopes Melania Trump Gets Coronavirus

One of CNN's favorite guests has seemingly tweeted his wish to see First Lady Melania Trump infected with the coronavirus.

Rick Wilson is a Republican strategist who joined the "Never Trump" movement very early on. This endeared him to CNN, who often has him on to provide criticism of the President while claiming to be bipartisan.

Wilson, however, has done more than just provide political critiques. He is now playing to the far left wing that watched CNN by dishing out some hateful rhetoric. Earlier this year, he mocked Trump voters as uneducated rubes, while ridiculing the President's intelligence.

Here's video of his comments at the time with host Don Lemon, and the response by Mark Steyn on Fox News.

Now, Wilson is taking to Twitter and wishing Melania Trump gets the coronavirus. His tweet was a response to a report that the First Lady would be recording PSAs with advice on dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

The screenshot of his tweet, featured below, includes his hashtag response: #BeInfected. It's a mockery of the First Lady's self esteem for children and anti-bullying campaign, called "Be Best."

After his tweet, Wilson defended his statement, despite widespread and bipartisan criticism that the tweet was in bad taste.