Sesame Street tweets a not-so-subtle gay message to kids

LGBTQ/Gay Pride Month may be over, but you should be aware of something the folks at Sesame Street did to mark the occasion. They couldn't let the month pass without giving the LGBTQ community a sign, even if they were careful not to say it outright.

The official Sesame Street Twitter account sent out the picture above onJune 23, as LGBTQ Pride Month was coming to a close. The tweet itself did not mention the LGBTQ community, but the intent was clear, with the not-so-subtle nod to the gay pride flag.

Here is the tweet.

Reaction was split, with many praising the gesture. Some did speak out on the blatant social commentary, but with Twitter actively suspending accounts of those who criticize the LGBTQ community, many likely chose not to speak up at all.

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