EPIC STUPIDITY: The ACLU thinks climate change causes racism

Try to wrap your head around this. After President Donald Trump announced America's withdrawal from the Paris climate change accord, the ACLU denounced it. That should come as no surprise, but what was surprising was their reasoning.

In a tweet sent out from the ACLU's national account, the group argued that backing out of the Paris climate change agreement was an attack on minorities. Linking climate change and racism is beyond nonsensical, but the ACLU ran with it anyway. See for yourself.

In several other tweets, the ACLU tried to explain their reasoning. First was this tweet. Their assertion that minorities tend to live near coal plants is not true. The "rust belt," where coal factories are concentrated, has a largely white population. Minorities tend to live in urban areas, where coal factories are virtually non-existent. That makes the ACLU's asthma assertion moot.

Then there was this tweet. Remember, these are educated lawyers putting this sort of logic out.

This sort of reasoning should be no surprise. This is the ACLU after all, who believes defending civil liberty means restricting religious liberty for Christians.

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