Cartoon Network's blasphemous 'Black Jesus' triggers backlash

The premiere of the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim comedy "Black Jesus" Thursday night delivered exactly what it promised: a profane show that ridiculed Christ and the Christian faith and perpetuated every negative stereotype the black community has had to endure over the years. In response, the American Family Association (AFA) has asked supporters to complain about the show's content to advertisers, a move that has already caused one company to pull their ads.

"Black Jesus" is the latest series from Aaron McGruder, the creator of the comic strip and animated series "The Boondocks," which itself was a lightning rod of controversy for its frank approach to race. McGruder's new show, set in Compton, California, depicts Jesus returning as a black man to spread the gospel in the "hood." What has angered many Christians, however, is the portrayal of Christ drinking and smoking weed, all while dropping F-bombs and using the Lord's name in vain. The mostly-African American cast has been singled out for reflecting the very worst stereotypes about life in the "hood."

In an interview for, executive producer Robert Eric Wise justified McGruder's depiction of Jesus by saying “What Aaron has done, and I feel this in my heart—he's made Jesus cool. I don't feel judged by this Jesus. I actually want to hang with this Jesus. And I don't have to rush to church and throw on a suit and pray for forgiveness."

During the show's premiere, nearly 90 profanities were used, including the use of God's name in vain. The character of Jesus also uses God's name in vain, and drops several F-bombs. He smokes weed and then complains when asked to share it. Jesus is also arrested when he gets arrested trying to buy some weed.

While depictions of Jesus in modern times are nothing new, the depiction of a profane Christ condoning and partaking in sinful behavior did not sit well with many. AFA has asked for supporters to contact the show's major advertisers, Chattem (makers of Unisom) and Radio Shack, and voice their disapproval. Just hours after their initial email to supporters, AFA announced Friday afternoon that Chattem was pulling all advertising from the show in response.

Anyone wishing to express their dissatisfaction to Radio Shack can do so by calling their headquarters at 1(800) 843-7422. You can also speak out on social media: click here to visit Radio Shack's Facebook page, and click here to visit their Twitter page. You can click here to email their corporate office.


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