Liberals are a bunch of gun-crazed hillbillies: here's proof!

Since conservatives are always usually portrayed as idiots who cling to their guns and their beliefs, a little turnabout is fair play. Meet Steven Cowan (pictured at left), a man in rural Wisconsin who sat down to watch "Dancing with the Stars" Monday night and became enraged when Bristol Palin came out to dance. Cowan was upset that the daughter of a conservative Republican would be considered a celebrity, calling her appearance "(expletive) politics."

According to an AP story carried by The Dallas Morning News, Cowan then did what any good liberal does: he took his shotgun and shot the television. He then threatened to kill his wife, leading to a standoff with SWAT and his eventual arrest. Those dang liberals. So dangerous and prone to violence, they could make Nancy Pelosi tear up (click here to see that weepy clip again).  

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