The Bristol Palin hate is in full effect

I must admit, I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, and it doesn't really matter to me how Bristol Palin finished. However, she was a lightning rod for every liberal douche-bag who wanted to vent their hate for her mother, so I give her credit for being out there and taking the heat.

Of course, very little has been made of the threats of violence against Bristol - including death threats and the delivery of white powder to the DWTS studios - because it doesn't fit the laid-back, inclusive, cuddly image the media likes to project about the left. Had there been threats against a liberal, however, you know somehow the Tea Party would have gotten the blame.

Now, TMZ, the country's greatest social think tank, is taking their swipe at Bristol. A headline on their site read "Bristol Palin Getting Some Tail Before 'Dancing with the Stars' Finale." The real story was less provocative, of course. It was simply a story of what ABC offered in their pre-show buffet for the cast. That included...wait for it...lobster tails. It's a pathetic attempt to scape up some kind of controversy on Bristol, but since the folks at TMZ have sold their souls to Satan long ago, perhaps I should feel sorry for them instead. Perhaps.    

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