TRUE STORY! Wild boars in Iraq are better ISIS killers than Obama ever was

USA Today is reporting a story many will find hard to believe: a group of wild boars in Iraq attacked a group of ISIS militants, killing three and injuring five more. That's more dedication than President Obama had against ISIS in eight years of his presidency.

'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Scandal' creator Shonda Rhimes joins Planned Parenthood board of directors

Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind the shows "Grey's Anatomy,” “Scandal,” and "How to Get Away With Murder," has been an outspoken abortion advocate for some time. She has been a key supporter of Planned Parenthood for years, and now, she has taken a big next step.

Police arrest surprising suspects behind racist graffiti at a Texas high school

Police in Plano, Texas had real trouble finding the persons responsible for spray painting the n-word at a local high school. When they discovered those responsible, they had real trouble believing their eyes.

Muslim artist fired over anti-Christian and anti-Jewish messages in an X-Men comic book

A Muslim artist has been fired from Marvel Comics after he was caught inserting hidden anti-Christian and anti-Semitic messages into an issue of an X-Men comic book.

The shocking personal connections between D.C. Democrats and the media

The cozy relationship between Democrats in Washington and the mainstream media became even more apparent after Obama advisor Susan Rice found herself back in the news recently.

After revelations that Rice was behind the "unmasking" of names of Trump associates in U.S. intelligence reports, ABC News ignored the story. That was because Rice has a close, personal connection ABC News that most were unaware of. She isn't the only Washington Democrat with friends and family in the same media tasked to report on them.

CBS News pushes a transgender agenda (VIDEO)

CBS News has released a short documentary on that further complicates the transgender issue. In an attempt to be more politically correct than anyone else, CBS News is ready to advocate for any type of gender identification someone can think of. Just wait until you see how they try to explain "non-binary."

Snowflake reporters celebrate 'Hug A Newsperson Day' (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump has the mainstream media so rattled, they are now asking for hugs.

April 4 is National Hug A Newsperson Day, with reporters across the country seeking solace and love from just about anyone.