Does Donald Trump have fake Latinos tweeting support for him?

Donald Trump has long maintained that Latinos love him. He uses anecdotal polls to support this, but evidence has emerged that he may be employing more devious methods to make it appear as if he's "Vato Donald" to the Latino community. reports on what Twitter user Niraj Warikoo discovered after the Houston GOP debate:
Right after midnight, a number of Twitter accounts associated with traditionally Latino names sent an identical tweet within minutes of each other. It read: “Trump won around 40% of the latino vote in Nevada, but that accounts for about 1,300 votes. Still more than the two hispanics on the ballot.”
Twitter user Niraj Warikoo— Twitter handle @nwarikoo—surfaced the interesting anomaly on the platform along with screenshots of the tweets:

Trump's campaign denied any involvement with the tweets, but it seems a coordinated effort to boost Trump after a disastrous debate was at play. In addition, after the Twitter accounts were exposed as possible fakes, several were shut down, and still others sent out an identical tweet at the same time on Friday, stating "F*** what other people think."

Warikoo pointed out that the copied tweet is identical to one sent out by a Univision journalist. That would be ironic, if in fact a Trump operative is using a quote from a news organization of which Trump has said he doesn't believe "anything they say."

Marco Rubio's campaign shop offers a hilarious "Donald Trump Watch"

During Thursday night's CNN GOP debate in Houston, Florida Senator Marco Rubio delivered a number of verbal blows on Donald Trump, most notably when he said Trump would be selling watches in Manhattan if he hadn't inherited $200 million.

The slam visibly upset Trump, and the Rubio campaign jumped on the opportunity, posting a "Trump Watch" in their online store, for the low price of $10:

Now, you won't get an actual broken watch, but you will get the satisfaction that you are making a donation to a real conservative.

Talking Kanye West on the Kevin Jackson Radio Show

During his appearance last week (February 16) on Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson's radio show, When Liberals Attack editor Victor Medina discussed the absurdity of Kanye West and his $50 million debt. You can listen to our radio segment below:


"Abuela Hillary Clinton" is back - tweeting in Spanish!

In the days leading up to the Nevada caucuses, Hillary Clinton resorted to her old ways. Not deleting emails or whipping up a Southern accent, mind you, but the former Secretary of State is back to channeling her inner elderly Latina.

Chelsea Clinton: I was an abortion cheerleader at age 6

At the age of six, Chelsea Clinton considered herself such an expert on abortion that she claims to have left her church at the time over the matter. Seriously.

Gitmo prisoners can't have a Bible, but are given Obama's books

Miami Herald reporter Carol Rosenberg is one of the few media members that extensively covers Guantanamo Bay and the prisoners stationed there. She recently tweeted out the photo featured here, taken in the Gitmo library for detainees, which shows off the fact that their selection of books includes President Barack Obama's books. Rosenberg reports six copies of his books are available.

However, the United States government has a say in what books are stocked in the library, and while detainees can read President Obama's books or get a copy of the Koran, there is one book they will not allow on the library shelves: the Bible.

In 2005, one of the Gitmo detainees, Saifullah Paracha, requested a copy of the Bible to read, along with the works of Shakespeare. Paracha's request was denied, even after his lawyer mailed a brand new copy to the Gitmo chaplain requesting that it be given to him. A government lawyer told him the Bible "violated prison policy."

Paracha filed suit against the government to get a copy of the Bible and other books. In response to the lawsuit, the government claimed they could ban any books that would "incite" prisoners. The government finally did allow the Shakespeare plays into the library, but the Bible remains banned.

Urine big trouble, mister! Angry flier pees on fellow passenger

On Monday, a passenger on an Air Mediterranee flight who was not allowed to drink alcohol or smoke showed his displeasure by urinating on another passenger in mid-flight, causing a wild melee that led to two men being arrested.

Trumper Tantrum! Ted Cruz says Donald Trump could nuke Denmark

There's something rotten in the state of Denmark - and Donald Trump's gonna wipe it off the map. Or so says Ted Cruz.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump went on a Twitter rant of epic proportions, accusing Ted Cruz of "stealing" the Iowa caucus with dirty tricks. "Ted Cruz didn't win Iowa, he stole it. That is why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. Bad!" Trump tweeted, one of many accusations he leveled at the Iowa caucus winner.

Editor Victor Medina on the Kevin Jackson radio show

Editor Victor Medina, who also serves as editor at, appears each week on Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson's radio show, discussing the various issues of the day. During his February 2 appearance, Medina talked with Kevin about the return of Boko Haram and yet another cop shooting of someone named Michael Brown. You can listen to the segment below: