We were warned

As this year comes to a close, we look back and take stock of the last 12 months under Obama's liberal utopia. After seeing this video, and after all the other warnings about his arrogance and inexperience, perhaps we should be glad things aren't worse by now. Here, Keyboard Cat plays off 2009 with some of Obama's funnier mistakes, courtesy of Third Base Politics.

Yes, Virginia, There is Still a Merry Christmas

On Christmas Day 2008, the Dallas Morning News ran my column about Christmas. I thought I should reprint it here. Enjoy! 

Dear Virginia,
After your famous letter about Santa Claus, I thought it best to write you before you start to worry. Many people are wondering where Christmas went. It seems some folks don't mention it any more.Instead of "Merry Christmas," they say "Happy Holidays," "Season's Greetings" and "Happy Winter Solstice." If you go shopping, you may have noticed most stores won't mention Christmas by name or who it is named for. You probably saw news stories on TV that most cities and schools don't allow nativity scenes or any mention of the fact that Christmas is Jesus' birthday.

This is because they think it's the "politically correct" thing to do. You may not understand what "politically correct" means, and it's a little hard to describe even to adults, but it basically means: Don't offend people with lawyers.

Some people just don't want a Merry Christmas. Every once in a while, the Scrooges of the world gather together with the overeducated and the litigious, the skeptics and the religious bigots, and assorted patronizing New-Agers and all try to re-create Christmas in their own image. They are the ones who started the rumors about Santa being a fake, too.

After awhile, we all come around to our senses and things go back to normal. Yes, Virginia, there is still a Merry Christmas. You can say it to people and not worry about offending them. Even our Jewish brothers and sisters don't mind hearing it. If they point out their heritage, just apologize and wish them a Happy Hanukkah and a joyous Festival of Lights.

You usually don't run into people who get offended with a "Merry Christmas." They're too busy teaching at universities, making movies or chasing ambulances to meet you. If someone does get offended, just smile and say, "I'm sorry." In truth, if someone is so bitter that he or she can't stand to see others happy, you should feel sorry for him or her.

Some people think there is no room in this world for celebrating Jesus' birthday. The truth is that this world needs to celebrate it more than ever. Why some people are so afraid of a baby in a manger is beyond me. Maybe it's because they realize what that baby means. The Christ of Christmas was a gift that changes lives, even today. Angels heralded His arrival with "Peace on Earth" and "Goodwill to Man." Who couldn't use a little more of that?

Take the Christ out of Christmas, and it's just another day. It's an excuse for shopping or hanging lights. Those things are nice, but it's not what Christmas is all about. The spirit of Christmas, that special feeling you feel this time of year, isn't made by gifts and lighted trees. It's a mix of hope, love, faith and care for our fellow man. That's what the Scrooges all miss.

You can't outlaw that spirit or shame it into the ether. Ban it from public displays and town squares, and the spirit of Christmas finds a way. People will burst into a Christmas carol for no reason. Explosions of spontaneous generosity break out. Christmas miracles become a common occurrence. Yes, Virginia, there is still a Merry Christmas.

Christmas cannot be canceled, not by a dozen recessions. It cannot be smothered, not by a thousand Scrooges. It cannot be forgotten, not by a million cynics. There has never been, nor will there ever be, a problem or crisis in this world that cannot be solved with the love that God has shown us at Christmas.
It is why people say to keep the spirit of Christmas going all year long. We know of whose spirit they speak:

The Christ of Christmas told us how to truly celebrate His birth and life: Give someone who is thirsty a drink. Give someone who is hungry food. Give someone who is cold a blanket to keep him or her warm. Give someone who is sick the care he or she needs. Give someone who is homeless a place to lay his or her head. Give widows and orphans the help they may need. Give your neighbors and your enemies the love and respect you would like to receive. When you do those things for people, the Christ of Christmas said you do it for Him. Yes, Virginia, there still is a Merry Christmas.

As long as love, faith, hope and joy exist, Christmas, and its namesake, will endure in this world.

A Loch Ness Monster Christmas

Kokomo, Indiana couldn't display a nativity scene on government grounds, so they went with a Loch Ness Monster display instead. Seriously. To read the whole strange story, click here.

Obama Vs. Baby Jesus

President Obama tried to ban a nativity scene from the White House. Nobody bans Baby Jesus. NOBODY. To read about how "The Chosen One" took on the Almighty and lost, click right here.

Kudos to DISH Network

Here's something you don't see everyday: DISH Network is actually taking a stand for "Merry Christmas." Find out all the details by reading the Examiner.com column right here.

7 Lies. 2 Minutes.

Seven lies in less than two minutes. This guy is GOOD. To see the Examiner column featuring the YouTube video you have got to see, click here.

The Nymphos of Planned Parenthood

You might find this hard to believe...but you shouldn't. The folks at the International Planned Parenthood Federation have issued a manifesto demanding unlimited sex be made a human right for everyone...including kiddos! Yeah, it's weird, it's sick, and now everything else Planned Parenthood does makes sense. Click here to read the full story at Examiner.

Obama Puts Out Welcome Mat for Lobbyists

Here's a shock: journalists are investigating the White House. The AP has obtained records that show lobbyists and special interests are visiting the White House all the time, despite Obama's promises that he wouldn't allow them in. Click here to read my Examiner.com story on Obama's dirty little secret.

Save Hannah!

Hannah Giles, the girl who brought down ACORN, is now under attack by the group she helped expose as corrupt. In response, the Liberty Legal Institute is starting a legal defense fund to cover her legal expenses. To find out more about the fund, and for links to follow her fight on Facebook and Twitter, visit DefendHannah.com.

Remember to say Thank You

Newt Gingrich, in a column for Human Events, points out the importance of remembering who we should be thanking this Thanksgiving. He quotes Lincoln when he established the holiday (in the midst of the Civil War) by proclamation in 1863: “No human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered mercy.” Amen to that. Happy Thanksgiving to all, liberals and conservatives!

No Flag for America's Team

It seems the new Cowboy Stadium has room for everything - except space to hang an American flag. Cowboy owner Jerry Jones isn't too broken up about it either - why waste perfectly good space for a flag when a billboard can go there? To read the whole story at Examiner.com, click here.

Proof Newsweek covers are biased

Do you think Newsweek is biased? We thought so, but after looking over recent Newsweek covers, we're sure of it now. To read my Examiner.com article about how Newsweek covers treat Democrats compared to Gov. Palin, click here.

The Gap Strikes Back!

The folks at the Gap corporate office were none too pleased about my Examiner.com column about them; they emailed to say so. Of course, the day before my column came out, the Gap DID release a commercial that mentions Christmas, but it's hardly a merry one. When the commercial is a politically correct mish-mash that puts Christmas on the same level as the pagan holiday Winter Solstice, you don't deserve any credit. To see the commercial and my take on it, click here.

How the Gap Killed Christmas

The American Family Association is asking folks to boycott the Gap and their sister companies, Old Navy and Banana Republic, for refusing to acknowledge the word "Christmas" in their holiday advertising. Should we care what the Gap does? Considering that the movement to completely purge the religious aspects of Christmas from our culture is being done in small steps (like refusing to even say the word), then perhaps we should start caring more. Click here to read the full story over at Examiner.com.

Obama: Don't Jump to Conclusions

In one of his brief statements addressing the Ft. Hood tragedy, President Obama warned us all not to "jump to conclusions" based on incomplete evidence. Of course, he means that just because the shooter was a radical Muslim with a grudge against America, don't assume he is a radical Muslim with a grudge against America. Of course, Obama doesn't mind making such definitive, divisive statements about Fox News, the Tea Party protesters, and anyone who doesn't agree with him. Why doesn't Obama set up a White House email address for Americans to report on Muslim radicals they encounter? It seems Obama doesn't have much faith in Americans to make the right decisions in how they treat others.

Afraid to speak the truth about the Ft Hood shooter?

As is usually the case on 24 hour news channels, there are a lot of opinions flying around over the motives of Nadal Malik Hasan, the man who killed 12 innocent people at Ft. Hood today. What many in the mainstream media AREN'T saying is what most of the rest of America is thinking: his radical Islamic worldview is the basis for his violent action.

The media has been so careful not to say it for PC reasons that several discussions have drifted into discussions of stress in the workplace and his harrassment by other military peers. Even as reports surface that he vocalized radical opinions, including the statement that Muslims in Iraq should "fight the aggressors," it seems like some are looking for an external trigger to his actions.

Therein is the problem. During tragedies like this, we need to stop looking for reasons or justification and accept that people are responsible for their own views and actions, and sometimes the truth is not politically correct.

Why was this man still in uniform? Were Hasan's superiors, who appear to have known about his views, too afraid to confront him to avoid looking anti-Islamic in today's PC world? Was a policy not to offend the reason why he was still in uniform? These are the hard questions we must answer in the weeks to come.

Our prayers are with the families and friends of those lost at Ft. Hood today.

Who Shot Lou Dobbs' House?

Boy. someone really hates Lou Dobbs...or maybe they hate his house. Either way, the bullets are flying around the CNN commentator. Are liberals fostering violence towards him? Click here to find out what's going on.

Surprise! Pelosi is a Hypocrite!

I caught a History Channel documentary on the legacy of Star Wars recently, which says a lot about what they consider historic. Anyway, the documentary featured commentary by politicians, including Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi. In describing the triumph of Luke Skywalker's Rebel Alliance over the Empire, Pelosi said this: "The power always belongs to the people, and that is where anyone who has power derives it from." Clumsy phrasing I know, but compare her words to her actions when the American Rebel Alliance, aka the Tea Partiers, raise their voices. She sounds more like an Emo Darth Vader. Remember this?

The Godless Gopher Edition

Things are so bad in America, even the gophers have turned heathen!

Goldy Gopher, the mascot for the University of Minnesota, took it upon himself to mock a Penn State player kneeling in prayer before a game recently. Click here to find out the rest of the story.

What's Obama Been Up To?

Today marks 27 days since Gen. Stanley McChrystal officially asked for more troops to win the War on Terror in Afghanistan. The President has been too busy to give him an answer...he's been doing stuff...like dancing with Thalia and stargazing on the South Lawn. Oh, and he attended Democratic fundraisers on both coasts. By the way, Mr. President, 30 American heroes have given their lives in combat since the request has been made.

I've posted the full story at Examiner.com, which you can read by CLICKING HERE.

The Good Golly Diwali Edition

Who needs Christmas when we've got Diwali? That's what the Texas State Education Board was wondering when it decided to ditch Baby Jesus for the obscure Hindu festival in another case of multiculturalism run amok. Click here to find out more.

When Liberals Run!

Lost in all the health care hoopla is a move to get to the bottom of the Countrywide scandal, in which some Democratic members of Congress, including Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad, got sweetheart deals on mortgages in return for political favors. When Republican Rep. Daniel Issa called for a vote to subpoena records of possible phone call recordings that could shed light on the scandal, the Democratic members in the Oversight Committee took off out the back door. Love that Democratic transparency! Check out the video:

Gee, Thanks Hillary....

Secretary of State Clinton,
Thanks so much for taking time out to record that video for Conan O'Brien and the Tonight Show. I know that was on top of everyone's "to-do" list. Any chance you're gonna get around to that Afghanistan/War on Terror thing now?

The "Can't Say Christmas" Edition

You're a mean one, FFRF. I wouldn't touch you with a ten and a half foot pole! Who is the FFRF, you ask? They are trying to outlaw the word "Christmas." Don't laugh, they're serious. Click here to read all about it.

Now He Has to Earn It

Giving President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is like giving an Oscar to someone based on a movie trailer.

Let's see, Ghandi never won one, but Obama, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, and renowned terrorist Yasser Arafat did. Somebody tell the Jonas Brothers to clear their mantle: I'm sure they're the front runners for next year.

I wonder how this will affect Obama's decision to send troops to Afghanistan to wage non-peace.

Score one for the good guys

The nation's motto is finally up in the Capitol Visitors Center in Washington. After being left out of the initial plans, members of Congress and public outcry led to plans to finally add the motto at the center entrance. You can read our initial column on the controversy HERE. This past week, the motto was finally unveiled. Thanks to the American Family Association for the news.

The Lawyers are a Terrorist's Best Friend Edition

America's top lawyers are making sure terrorists get the best representation, and exposing CIA agents' identities to them. Why? I don't know, but something tells me the devil is making room for them right now in the seventh level of hell. Click here to read the whole story.

The Olympics Are Racist...Mmm...Mmm...Mmm

Chicago lost the Olympics? But I thought everyone loved Obama. Wasn't his election supposed to win back the respect of the rest of the world? Even after he told them in his pitch to the Olympic committee how much he would love to see the event just outside his Chicago front door? Don't they want to make him happy? What a bunch of racists.

Over at MSNBC, anchors were upset over all the Republicans who were openly celebrating the loss because it made Obama look bad. Never mind that no Republican had said anything about it. They just made it up. Wow...even bloggers like us have higher journalistic standards.

The "Hollywood Loves Hugo" Edition

He's South America's hippest dictator! The movie stars line up to meet him! His people love him (actually, they have to, under penalty of death), and Sean Penn wants to have his baby! He's Hugo Chavez! Do I smell hope in here? Nope, it's just the rotting carcass of Venezuelan Liberty. Click here to find out which Left Coasters are coo-coo over Hugo Puffs.

Is "The Invention of Lying" Anti-Christian?

The reviews are in, and Ricky Gervais' new film "The Invention of Lying" not only isn't very good, it has a vicious mean streak against Christianity that you won't see in the trailers. Movie Geek Feed and MovieGuide both detail how the film bashes faith and anyone who believes in God as an idiot believing a lie. My suggestion? Read the reviewers above before you decide to see the film.

The Dave Matthews Idiot Edition

His music qualifies as torture under the Geneva Convention, and now Dave Matthews is kicking America in the shin by saying it is racist for criticizing President Obama. Click here to read the whole story.


Never go against the Barry. The Obama Administration has launched an investigation into Humana, a national health care provider, for sending a letter to their own customers stating that ObamaCare will effectively cut their services. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has issued a "cease and desist" letter to Humana, ordering them not to criticize the plan until an investigation is complete.

It seems the media couldn't care less that the federal government is using its power to intimidate a private company from exercising their right to free speech and warning their customers of what they think is a bad idea. What's next? Humana execs being held at Guantanamo? Click here to read the story at Fox News.

The Hypocrites of Berkeley Edition

Some trust-fund brats and anti-war activists at Berkeley have gotten so nuts that they make 1960's Berkeley radicals sound like freedom-loving conservatives. Find out what's gotten their shorts in a bunch by clicking here.

The Day Without a Gay Edition

What if gays held a protest and nobody noticed? That's exactly what happened in 2008 when a nationwide protest against Prop. 8 fizzled. It was the gayest epic fail ever, and you can read all about it by clicking here.

Upset over "You Lie?" Me Neither.

I wrote a guest post on the Dallas Morning News Opinion Blog today, addressing the whole "You Lie!" controversy. After years of Bush bashing, I think it's only fair for Obama to take his lumps too. To read my full post, click here!

Jimmy Carter Makes Osama's Book Club

Before you get too riled up over Jimmy Carter calling Tea Party protesters racist, consider that Osama Bin Laden just released a statement recommending everyone read Carter's anti-Semitic book, in which Carter accuses Israelis fighting the rocket-firing terrorists in Gaza of being murdering racists. Jimmy's got it all figured out, Osama said. You think they'll put his recommendation on the dust jacket?

What makes me laugh is how Brian Williams shows clips of himself laughing it up with Carter before the interview. It's a common editing tactic to lend credibility to a subject by implying to the viewer that since Williams enjoys his time with Carter, you should believe his crazy talk, which quickly followed.

The Matt Damon "Bourne Stupidity" Edition

Before you see Matt Damon in "The Informant," remind yourself what he thinks about common folk. Click here to read about his elitist rant on Sarah Palin last year. You better hurry - he's already turned Arthur!

The Young British Bigots Edition

It's bad enough when teachers have to deal with idiot children. When those idiot children are also radical muslims, it's "Goodbye Mr. Chips" for the teacher. Click here for the full story.

The Fine Young Liberal Cannibals Edition

Are conservatives finger-lickin' good? Ask the MoveOn.org liberal that went all Hannibal Lecter on a guy. Click here for the whole tasty episode.

The Obama Loves Islam Edition

Ask President Obama, and Islam is a wonderful, tolerant religion that has given the world so much good...so long as you don't count the radical terrorism, honor killings, wild facial hair, beheadings of American infedels, the oppression of women, and 9/11. Click here for the whole story.

Ben & Jerry's Makes the Gayest Ice Cream Ever

If you always wondered what the deal was with Ben and Jerry, we may now know.

It appears the famous ice cream makers (not the cartoon cat and mouse, that's Tom and Jerry, kids) want to celebrate the fact that Vermont has legalized gay marriage. Vermont, in case you forgot, is actually one of our fifty states.

To mark the occasion, Ben and Jerry's is changing the name of their "Chubby Hubby" ice cream to "Hubby Hubby" ice cream during the month of September 2009. My, what a clever play on words. And, this particular flavor is packed with fudge. No, I'm not kidding here.

The especially fabulous ice cream, with a special "gay marriage" label, will only be available in the state of Vermont during the time. That will teach the bigots in the other 49 states! We have to get by with the hetero version.

Ben & Jerry’s is partnering with the Vermont pro-gay marriage group Freedom to Marry during the promotion, which includes a special "gay marriage" ice cream delivery truck, which features the horror of horrors: supposedly gay cows! Ben and Jerry's cartoon cows, which are used on labels and advertising, now hold bouquets of flowers, and long eyelashes! Since all cows are female, I don't know what they were trying to say here, but if they were looking for gay, they hit the mark.

The Freedom to Marry group was founded by Evan Wolfson, who assured his place in hell by suing the Boy Scouts a few years back. Interestingly, Freedom to Marry discourages the use of the term "gay marriage," saying in a video statement on the group's website that the term "plays to right-wing fear mongering." They prefer the more ambiguous term "marriage equality." Does this mean the term "gay" is too gay for some Vermont gays?

"Hubby Hubby" ice cream is made of all natural ingredients like peanut butter cookie dough ice cream, fudge, and pretzels. No word if any other "natural ingredients" will be added to the ice cream in Vermont to make it "extra gay." Don't even get us started on how it tastes.

Sources: Ben & Jerry website, Freedom To Marry

The "Going Gay in Utah" Edition

Have you ever noticed how gays make up less than 2% of the population, but nearly 90% of the people on reality tv shows? Anyway, apparently all of them are ticked off at Utah. Click here to find out why.

The Bible Hating Scots Edition

The pastor of a gay church in Scotland is upset at God, so to get Him back, he let folks write all kinds of vile insults in a Bible. And they called it art. What got their bagpipes all twisted? Click here to find out.

The "J" Word Edition

You can say a lot of things today and the ACLU will back you up, like dropping an F-bomb on live TV. Say anything against their liberal worldview, however, and you will be served. Click here to find out how the ACLU threatened to sue because someone said the word JESUS!

The Soldier Hater Edition

Liberals don't like the military, but few are as brazen as these fools. Click here to read what these girly men are up to.

The Senator Perv Edition

Alcee Hastings is a weirdo. In order to pass a gay rights bill, he's willing to extend legal protection to pedophiles and other sexual deviants. Be warned: the details may make you vomit a little in your mouth. Click here for the nasty story.

The Nazi Mall Edition

Pity the owners of the Concord Mills Mall in North Carolina. Apparently criticism of President Obama and other liberals makes their soft little insides hurt. I think they are just full of....well, whatever they serve at the food court. Click here for the full story.

The "In God We Trust" Edition

Liberals tried to keep the words "In God We Trust" off of the entrance to the new Capital Visitors Center. They wanted the words of their heroes instead, like "America is not a Christian nation" or "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Click here to find out what happened.

The Darwin Day Edition

Liberals have a new holiday! Besides the Winter Solstice, they now have Darwin Day to celebrate the survival of the fittest! I guess they spend the day picking nits off each other's heads. Click here to find out more and mark your calendars!

The Prop. 8 Musical Edition

Jack Black and a bunch of other Hollywood D-listers are ticked off at Jesus for making homosexuality a sin. In a battle of wits and principle, these actors us the only weapon they have: song and dance! Click here to find out all about their self-indulgent and unsubtle attack on those hateful Christians.

The Bible Study Edition

When liberals tried to keep Christians from holding a home Bible study, the Christians fought back and won. To find out what happened, click here to read the full story.

The Show and Tell Bible Edition

The American Library Association recommends the pro-gay children's book "And Tango Makes Three" for the nation's public school children. In Pennsylvania, however, it's against the law for a kid to bring the Bible to elementary school, because kids are at a "tender age" and vulnerable to the lessons it teaches. Don't believe me? Read the whole sickening story here.

The Kindred Hospitals Hates American Flags Edition

Where's Al Pacino with a flamethrower when you need him? Some liberal fool didn't want a soldier's mom hanging the American flag in her office on Memorial Day. Click here to read how America turned on Kindred Hospitals' actions.