Skywriter trolls Women's March with "TRUMP" message

For the record, this is how you troll radical feminists.

According to a report in, someone paid to have the new President's name emblazoned in the sky over the Women's March in Sydney, Australia. Yes, snowflake feminists in Australia are upset too, apparently. The picture above was tweeted out by Nikki Bradley.

Here are the details from RT:
Skywriters emblazoned “Trump” high in the sky over a sunny Sydney as approximately 10,000 people took part in a march in support of women’s rights.

The Sydney march was part of a worldwide series of demonstrations calling for the protection of civil liberties in the wake of Donald Trump's inauguration as president of the United States. Well over one million people around the world attended marches, with the largest taking place in Washington, DC.

The job was carried out by Skywriting Australia at a cost of $4,000. A spokesperson for the company told The Guardian that the clients, who wanted to remain anonymous, specifically wanted the message to appear during the Women’s March.
Here's another picture, tweeted out by Hektik Hektor.

Hey can't Americans be this savage trolling their political opponents?

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  1. Donald Trump will make America, and the world, great again!