Katy Perry, Seineld join fundraiser to teach poor kids transcendental meditation

What do Hollywood liberals do to help at-risk kids in New York City? They do what most Americans do – they hold a star-studded benefit concert at Carnegie Hall to raise money to teach kids transcendental meditation (TM).

This is what passes for compassionate activism these days, people. New age millionaire celebrities feeding their own egos by giving the poor and less fortunate completely useless skills. And tickets to the event supporting this are still available.

The concert event is called “Change Begins Within,” and will be held November 4th at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Proceeds from the event will benefit The David Lynch Foundation. Yes, that is David Lynch the Hollywood director, the man behind unconventional movies like Dune, The Elephant Man, and Eraserhead, as well as the strangest television show ever produced, “Twin Peaks.”

The Foundation will use proceeds from the concert to fund their “Meditate New York” initiative, which the Foundation says will “provide Transcendental Meditation training at no cost to 10,000 at-risk New Yorkers, including youth in underserved schools, veterans with post-traumatic stress and women and children who are victims of domestic violence.” The Foundation claims support from self-described “artists and thought leaders” including Martin Scorsese, Ray Dalio, Ellen DeGeneres, David Letterman, and Hugh Jackman. 

The concert will feature performances by Katy Perry, Sting, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim James, Angelique Kidjo and Sharon Isbin. George Stephanopoulos and David Lynch will serve as hosts. Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber are on the benefit committee. Banking and financial services corporation Citibank is the sponsor for the event. 

It seems no amount of meditation will make these millionaires realize that the people they hope to help could use more practical solutions for their immediate future than what TM offers. Youth in underserved schools could use volunteer tutors, school choice, and a curriculum that isn’t mired in liberal political correctness. Veterans could use more traditional counseling, medical services that don’t take months to receive, and better pay to remove the stress of having to make ends meet. Victims of domestic violence need a safe place to call their own and social workers who look out for their needs. Meditation doesn’t stop a fist or a bullet.

For these Hollywood liberals, however, digging deep and making that sort of sacrifice for their fellow man is asking too much. One night of performing in front of an adoring crowd and having their egos fed is charity enough.

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