The Tennessee GOP Twitter trolled Hillary Clinton HARD during Trump's speech

That's gonna leave a mark. The Tennessee Republican Party's Twitter account was in fine form Tuesday night, as they took aim at the failed presidential candidate. Warning: Smackdown Tweet Ahead!

Conservative artist trolls Hollywood with hilarious posters outside the Oscars

A poster by conservative artist Sabo, outside of the Oscars theater. We have edited the profanity.

Conservative street artist Sabo is at it again. The artist has made a name for himself by using his art to stick it to liberals in the Los Angeles area. Today, he took aim at the "limousine liberals" in Hollywood, and the Oscars in particular.

Sabo hung a number of satirical posters and set up fake Redbox kiosks around the Oscars theater. The posters look legitimate enough to be real promotional items, until you realize what they say.  The kiosks slam the Oscar nominees as unworthy of paying full price, and barely worth a Redbox rental.

Watch Nordstrom shoppers protest the company's treatment of Ivanka Trump (VIDEO)

It seems Mama Grizzlies shop at Nordstrom. At least, they used to.

A new Facebook video shows a number of women walking into a Nordstrom to cancel their store accounts in protest of the company's decision to drop Ivanka Trump's clothes and shoe lines.

Facebook's COO just gave Planned Parenthood $1 MILLION TO SUPPORT ABORTION

The COO of Facebook is such a fan of baby killing, she is giving Planned Parenthood a million dollars.

Sheryl Sandberg is a regular, long-time donor to Planned Parenthood, and the nation's largest abortion provider celebrated her support.

Family writes brutally honest obituary for "evil" man

How do you recognize the passing of a truly evil person? You pull no punches, which is exactly what the family of Leslie Ray Charping did.

Charping, a former resident of Galveston, Texas, passed on January 30. His family issued a brutal obituary on the funeral home's website. It has since been taken down, as notoriety of the obituary spread on the internet.

Papa John's CEO is a Trump supporter who favors small government

Papa John's is the home of better ingredients and better pizza. It is also the home of better principles.

Papa John's CEO John Schnatter (above) has made no bones of his small government beliefs. Like many entrepreneurs, he sees the danger big government poses to free enterprise. Which may explain why he supports Republicans.

Watch U.S. Apache Choppers Take Out Taliban Fighters (Violent Content)

Here's a blast from the past that we hope to see again: combat video of U.S. Apache helicopters taking out Muslim terrorists.

Navy investigation targeting SEALS who put a Trump flag on a Humvee

Apparently, it is now against Navy regulations to fly a flag with the President's name on it.

The Navy is investigating a Navy SEAL team after they were photographed flying a Trump flag on a Humvee.