Donald Trump's face found in tub of butter

 A woman in Missouri opened a tub of butter and saw what she thought was the face of Donald Trump staring back at her. We think there's a resemblance, what do you think?

Ironically, the Trump butter declared soon after being opened that he had changed his mind and was now margarine. It then declared it would go to war on Mexican and Chinese food, and make dinner great again.


Ted Cruz takes on Ellen Page over gay rights

In the movie Juno, actress Ellen Page played a snarky teenager who always had the perfect comeback and could rattle off monologues with perfect precision. However, Page doesn't have Diablo Cody writing for her anymore, and when she tries to argue with someone now, she comes across as a petulant 12-year-old. 

Ted Cruz was in Iowa yesterday at the State Fair, and was ambushed by Page, who thought she could show up a Princeton debate champion on the issue of gay rights. You can imagine how it went.

As you will see in the video below, Cruz didn't exactly deliver any zingers, but he didn't have to. Page wanted to argue theoreticals, while Cruz smartly kept his cool and delivered fact after fact. He enlightened Page to the real issue: the treatment of gays worldwide. Page wanted answers on "gays and trans" being fired from their jobs, but didn't mention a single real-world instance. Instead, Cruz pointed out the real discrimination, against Christians forced to violate their faith by having to serve gay marriage ceremonies. 

Perhaps Page's worst moment came when Cruz asked if she thought a gay florist should be forced to provide flowers for a Christian wedding whose beliefs they disagreed with. Page said yes, to which Cruz said "Well, I don't," saying he believed everyone should be free to make decisions based on their own beliefs.  

If you think Page was there on some mission for gay rights, think again. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she was filming a new reality show called "Gaycation" and the confrontation will be part of the show. Once again, it isn't about the cause, it's about herself. In the end, her hubris was her undoing, because her attempt to take on a law professor in a debate just made her look like the angriest pixie on the planet.

Hillary is talking with a Southern drawl...AGAIN!

Hillary Clinton is back in the South, which means her terrible Southern accent is back too.

After weeks of traveling through northern states and both coasts, Hillary Clinton appeared at a Democratic event in South Carolina recently, and was free to unleash her inner Arkansas hillbilly accent once again. While speaking with Jaime Harrison, chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Clinton’s pandering speech pattern was in full effect. Apparently, she is oblivious to the fact that America has caught on to this tactic.

The Weekly Standard’s Shoshana Weissmann posted an excellent video of the highlights of Clinton’s talk, rating the level of southern drawl with a “cowboy boot scale.” You can watch it here:

H/T: Political Illusions Exposed

Are Planned Parenthood baby parts funding Hillary Clinton's campaign?

According to a new report, Hillary Clinton has received significant support from the leaders of Planned Parenthood, even as the organization is mired in controversy over the selling of the body parts of aborted babies. It leads to the uncomfortable assumption that the selling of baby parts may be passively funding the Clinton campaign.

According to a report by Bill McMorris, the amount of money Hillary Clinton has received from Planned Parenthood staff is twenty times more than all the other Democratic presidential nominees combined. It is impossible to tie a direct link between the money Planned Parenthood earned by selling baby parts to money given to the Clinton campaign, mostly because the money trail generated by the individual clinics selling the parts is not accessible to the public. However, the principle is certainly there: Planned Parenthood has benefited greatly from Clinton's support, and both the Clinton and Obama administrations ensured the organization's practices were protected from government scrutiny.

As a senator during the Bush years, Clinton and other Democrats limited Republican efforts to closely regulate abortion procedures. In return, Planned Parenthood executives and staff used the fruit (and baby parts) of their labors to support Clinton's current presidential run. McMorris provides more details:
She (Clinton) received far more from Planned Parenthood employees than her Democratic rivals, the former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., VT), the former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee, and the former Virginia senator Jim Webb. Webb, O’Malley, and Sanders have perfect pro-abortion voting records, while Chafee scored a 90, according to NARAL rankings. But Clinton raised 20 times as much money from Planned Parenthood employees. Sanders was the only other candidate to receive money from the abortion provider, garnering two donations totaling $500.
Vicki Cowart, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains, Melissa Flournoy, the state director of Louisiana Planned Parenthood, and Catherine Valentine, general counsel for the San Jose-based Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, all contributed the primary maximum of $2,700 to Clinton’s campaign. Clinton led the entire presidential field with more than $46 million in total fundraising.
Planned Parenthood's support of the Democratic party comes as no surprise, but few realize the scope of their influence. The organization gave $18 million to independent political groups in 2014 and 2012, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Planned Parenthood itself has given nearly $6 million to Democrats since 1990.

H/T: Political Illusions Exposed

Let's put the murder of Cecil the Lion in perspective

While it is understandable to be upset over the death of a non-threatening lion, we should also be outraged that nearly 30,000 babies have been murdered in Planned Parenthood clinics alone, with little to no media coverage.