Clinton appointee rules NSA spying constitutional

A U.S. District Judge has ruled the NSA's phone tapping program constitutional. The judge, William Pauley, was nominated to the bench in 1998 by Pres. Bill Clinton, on the recommendation of Democratic Sen. Patrick Moynihan. All the more reason to fight getting Hillary Clinton elected President. This is a sobering reminder that their actions have effects reaching far beyond their terms in office. We can't afford another Clinton.

Meet Gregory Marra, America's Sculptor!

Gregory Marra is known as one of the country's finest sculptors, with a particular focus on honoring America's heroes. Here, he works on a statue honoring former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, and his other works include our founding fathers.

Please check out his website,, for more information on this outstanding artist.

Bealls stores support "Merry Christmas"

With so many companies too gutless to say "Merry Christmas," it's nice to see a company step up and actually use the term. In this case, Bealls, part of the Stage Stores chain of department stores, sent out an email with the graphic seen here. While it doesn't invoke the religious aspect of Christmas, we appreciate the fact that they said the word.

If you'd like to send them a thank you for standing up for "Merry Christmas," click right here to send them an email through the Stage Stores website. We cannot confirm if other non-Bealls stores in the company chain (including Palais Royal, Peebles, Steele's, and Goody's Family Clothing, among others) also used the term in their advertising, so be sure to point out it was from a Bealls email ad.

Lockheed Martin shoots down the Boy Scouts

It seems military defense contractor Lockheed Martin is taking a cue from the anti-Christian rhetoric of the U.S. military. The company has announced it is pulling support of the Boy Scouts over their ban on gay scout leaders.

According to a story in the Marietta (GA) Daily Journal, Lockheed spokesman Johnny Witaker said the withdrawal of support "includes all company monetary contributions and company-sponsored employee activities with the Scouts like facility tours, on-site Scouting activities and events, service on the Atlanta Council’s executive board and employee volunteer activities on company time.”

Lockheed also announced the disapprove of the Boy Scouts' ban on atheists as Scout Leaders.

To contact Lockheed Martin to voice your disapproval, click here to visit their contact page and send an email.

Modern Family star issues obscene tweet to Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson

Why does it always come back to the anus? Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is gay, jumped into the Duck Dynasty debate when he tweeted an insult to Phil Robertson on December 19. Robertson, in case you've been under a rock, was suspended by A&E from his television show when he dared to quote the Bible and say homosexuality is a sin. He also wondered why anyone would choose a man's anus over a woman's vagina. That didn't seem to sit well with Ferguson, who tweeted thusly:

Oy vey. So much for tolerance for others or opinion equality.

Check out the White House's Grinchy Christmas card

Take a look at the White House Christmas card - check that - HOLIDAY card. Apparently, either the Christmas decoration budget was sequestered or the Grinch struck the White House, because there isn't anything on it to indicate it is the Christmas season. No lights, no Christmas tree, not even a wreath is visible in the card. The word Christmas, of course, is not even used. The card does feature tiny dogs running across the front of the White House, though.

You would think the President would be ashamed to send out such a generic, bland, and totally secular Christmas card, but his attitude toward the Christian faith is perfectly reflected here. His Ramadan card, however, was awesome.

December 7, 1941: A day which will live in...hey look! Obamacare!

OK, I'm seriously beginning to think President Obama is trolling America now. There is no way the Leader of the Free World is this clueless.

His latest bit involves Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, which the President managed to forget mentioning on Twitter. He did, however, remember to tweet about Obamacare on the same day. Twice. Not even the official White House Twitter account mentioned it. They did, however, send out over a dozen tweets when Nelson Mandela died this week.

To see first-hand the President's misplaced priorities, click right here to see my full report at

Obama's tribute to Mandela is all about himself

It seems every time America marks a solemn occasion, President Obama can't help making it all about himself. He repeatedly injects himself into the event, so instead of focusing on the passing of an American legend, for example, we focus on Obama contemplating the person instead. Narcissism can be sad when it is so blatant.

The photo above, courtesy of, shows some of the President's recent tributes, which seem more like tributes to himself. It includes his recent tip of the hat to the passing of Nelson Mandela, in which Mandela is nowhere to be found. To read more about "President Selfie" and his obvious fascination with himself, click here to read my full report at

Martin Bashir quits MSNBC over Palin comments

After making some misogynistic comments about Gov. Sarah Palin, Martin Bashir has resigned from MSNBC. How will America survive with one less petty, know-it-all Brit on the air criticizing conservatives while getting rich off of it? We still have Piers Morgan to annoy us, unfortunately.

To read more about the early Christmas gift for conservatives everywhere, click right here to get the details on Bashir's weepy resignation letter from my column at

Listen in to my appearance on the Wade Emmert Show!

I had the pleasure of appearing on the Wade Emmert show as a member of his "Power Panel," discussing everything from Obamacare to the Texas gubernatorial race (this is a Dallas show, after all). Big thanks to Wade (you can visit his website right here) for having me on and feel free to click below to hear the episode.