This totally explains Nancy Pelosi.....

Not much more I can add to this. Let it soak in.

Hillary Clinton gets climate change advice from Indiana Jones

If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones. If political opportunism has a name, it must be Hillary Clinton. How else can you explain the former Secretary of State making a rare public appearance in the midst of multiple scandals breaking to discuss climate change with Dr. Jones himself, Harrison Ford?

By appearing at the event for Conservation International, Clinton is solidifing her left-wing base for a Presidential run in 2016. And hanging with Han Solo never hurts. To read more about the event, click right here to learn more with our full report at

The Daily Show's Lizz Winstead jokes about Oklahoma tornadoes

Lizz Winstead (left), the co-creator of The Daily Show, doesn't let something like a tragedy get in the way of taking a potshot at Republicans. After the recent Oklahoma tornadoes killed a number of people, Winstead joked that because it happened in Oklahoma, it obviously was going after conservatives. She later complained when tornado coverage bumped her from an appearance on MSNBC.

As you might expect, the outrage was overwhelming, and she eventually had to apologize. You can read all about her tweets, the response, and her attempt at an apology by clicking here to read the full column at

MSNBC up in arms over attention paid to UmbrellaGate

MSNBC has their hemp panties in a bunch again, and this time it's over the attention being paid to an Obama scandal. No, it's not Benghazi...or the IRS...or AP snooping...or targeting Fox reporters. They're upset over the attention being paid to the UmbrellaGate scandal. We're not kidding. The one thing you and I took as a joke that pointed out the prissy elitism of this administration is the only thing on MSNBC's radar. Those other scandals...I guess they don't exist. Much like MSNBC viewers.

To see all of their wailing and gnashing of teeth over the unfair treatment Obama's UmbrellaGate received, click here to read my full column at