Beam me up, Chewie!

President Obama considers himself a nerd, but he made a major faux pas recently when he mixed his sci-fi metaphors up. Worse yet, it involved Star Trek and Star Wars. That, you CANNOT do. To find out what he said, click right here.

The Oscars, movie stars, and...Michelle Obama?

Why is this first family so obsessed with Hollywood?  Michelle Obama appears on her kid's favorite TV shows. The President's reelection campaign made wide use of celebrity endorsements. Their latest stunt, however, even gave their Hollywood supporters pause. During this year's Oscars, Michelle Obama appeared to name Best Picture, and steal the spotlight. The response from reporters in the press room was hilarious. To find out what they did, click right here to read my report.

Please don't bother the President: he's watching the Oscars.

It's nice to know the President has his priorities in order. Rather than working on the sequester or budget crisis, Obama took time out to watch the Oscars. And tweet pictures about it. To read all about it, click here to read my report at

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: The Abortion King

Politicians like to define themselves with a single issue. For New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, that issue seems to be abortion. Cuomo wants to ensure that late term abortions remain easy to get in his state. How thoughtful.

To read more about it, check out my report by clicking right here.

Sears pulls Saturday Night Live ads after offensive Jesus skit

When Saturday Night Live decided to do a sketch making fun of Jesus, Christians were outraged. In response, Sears pulled their ads. Bravo.

To read more about it, and see the sketch in question, click right here to read my column at

Will ObamaCare kill Dunkin Donuts?

Bad news, people. Dunkin Donuts is facing extinction, and it's all because of ObamaCare. New regulations from the Affordable Healthcare Act are threatening the donut chain's profitability, which just may be Michelle Obama's sneaky way of making us eat healthier.

To get the full scoop (with sprinkles), click right here to read my article.

Obama wants to be the Emperor

Shed a tear for the President, folks. Barack Obama recently complained that, since he's not an Emperor (like the one in Star Wars), he has to abide by certain rules. You know, like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Luckily, we have our own Rebel Alliance, aka The Tea Party, to keep him in check. To read more about what he said, click here to read my full article at

Superman vs. The Gay Mafia vs. Orson Scott Card

Forget the days when Superman stood for truth, justice, and the American way. He can't even stand for free speech anymore. When DC Comics announced that conservative writer Orson Scott Card would write an upcoming Superman comic, gay activists lost their minds. Card has spoken out against gay marriage, and there have been calls to boycott DC Comics until they fire Card. It seems the gay mafia may be Superman's new kryptonite! To find out more about their efforts to get Card fired, and sign our petition supporting his right to free thought, click right here.

Alcohol almost makes Obama tolerable! Almost.

Democrats love the sound of President Obama's voice so much, they like to hold watch parties when he speaks. When the President gave the State of the Union last month, the Democrats sponsored watch parties nationwide, but one Dallas-area Republican got the last laugh. He held his own watch party featuring lots of alcohol to help the lies go down, and managed to get it listed as an official Obama watch party by the Dems. To find out how he did it, click here to read the story at

Mass murdering atheists love their MSNBC and Piers Morgan

Remember Christoper Dorner? The LA cop who turned mass murderer because he was offended by his co-workers and lost his job? Turns out he wrote a long manifesto before he went on his killing spree, saying he didn't believe in God and then saying nice things about a variety of liberals, incuding just about everyone at MSNBC. Oh, and the host of America's Got Talent and a CNN talk show, gun control freak Piers Morgan. To find out who he actually respected, click here to read my full report at

The bias against conservative writer Larry Correia

Sci-fi writer Larry Correia may be a best-selling author, but he's also conservative, so there are plenty of liberal elitists who don't want to see him get any more credit. That may be one of the reasons why Correia has never been nominated for a Hugo Award, which recognizes the best in sci-fi and fantasy literary work. However, Correira tried to stick it to his critics by organizing fans to vote in the Hugos this year. To hear what he had to say about the liberal bias against him, click here to read my story at

MSNBC fakes video featuring Sandy Hook father

MSNBC has shed all journalistic integrity in a bid to score political points. They recently were caught selectively editing a video to make it appear as if gun owners were yelling at a father who lost his child in the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre. To see what happened, click right here to read about it and see the unedited video.

Ted Cruz goes after Obama's pork

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is taking President Obama to task over his spending, with a sobering fact: over 70% of Hurricane Sandy relief will not be used to immediately help victims. Instead, it's just pork for unrelated programs. To read more about it, click right here to check out my full report.

David Mamet: Obama's plan is Marxist

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet isn't a fan of President Obama's gun control initiative. In fact, he calls it Marxist. To read his brilliant takedown of the Obama plan, click here to read my full column at

MSNBC host: Thank God for abortion

An MSNBC host recently said "thank God" his girlfriend murdered his unborn child through abortion. We're not kidding.

To find out who said it and marvel at the callous stupidity of liberals today, click right here to read the full article at

Democrats go after Donkey Kong

A California Democratic politician thinks all video gamers have a "lust for violence." I suppose we can all blame Pac-Man for that. To read all of the details yourself, click right here to check out my column. doesn't care that abortion is murder

A pro-choice columnist for recently admitted what every pro-lifer knows; abortion ends a human life. Incredibly, the columnist, Mary Elizabeth Williams, said it really doesn't matter that abortion is murder. To find out more, click here to read my report for

Taxation without representation: it's how Obama rolls

You might have missed it during the inauguration, but President Obama's limo sported some ironic license plates, to say the least. To find out why  the President's plates say "Taxation Without Representation," click right here to read my full column.