Clinton appointee rules NSA spying constitutional

A U.S. District Judge has ruled the NSA's phone tapping program constitutional. The judge, William Pauley, was nominated to the bench in 1998 by Pres. Bill Clinton, on the recommendation of Democratic Sen. Patrick Moynihan. All the more reason to fight getting Hillary Clinton elected President. This is a sobering reminder that their actions have effects reaching far beyond their terms in office. We can't afford another Clinton.

Meet Gregory Marra, America's Sculptor!

Gregory Marra is known as one of the country's finest sculptors, with a particular focus on honoring America's heroes. Here, he works on a statue honoring former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, and his other works include our founding fathers.

Please check out his website,, for more information on this outstanding artist.

Bealls stores support "Merry Christmas"

With so many companies too gutless to say "Merry Christmas," it's nice to see a company step up and actually use the term. In this case, Bealls, part of the Stage Stores chain of department stores, sent out an email with the graphic seen here. While it doesn't invoke the religious aspect of Christmas, we appreciate the fact that they said the word.

If you'd like to send them a thank you for standing up for "Merry Christmas," click right here to send them an email through the Stage Stores website. We cannot confirm if other non-Bealls stores in the company chain (including Palais Royal, Peebles, Steele's, and Goody's Family Clothing, among others) also used the term in their advertising, so be sure to point out it was from a Bealls email ad.

Lockheed Martin shoots down the Boy Scouts

It seems military defense contractor Lockheed Martin is taking a cue from the anti-Christian rhetoric of the U.S. military. The company has announced it is pulling support of the Boy Scouts over their ban on gay scout leaders.

According to a story in the Marietta (GA) Daily Journal, Lockheed spokesman Johnny Witaker said the withdrawal of support "includes all company monetary contributions and company-sponsored employee activities with the Scouts like facility tours, on-site Scouting activities and events, service on the Atlanta Council’s executive board and employee volunteer activities on company time.”

Lockheed also announced the disapprove of the Boy Scouts' ban on atheists as Scout Leaders.

To contact Lockheed Martin to voice your disapproval, click here to visit their contact page and send an email.

Modern Family star issues obscene tweet to Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson

Why does it always come back to the anus? Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who is gay, jumped into the Duck Dynasty debate when he tweeted an insult to Phil Robertson on December 19. Robertson, in case you've been under a rock, was suspended by A&E from his television show when he dared to quote the Bible and say homosexuality is a sin. He also wondered why anyone would choose a man's anus over a woman's vagina. That didn't seem to sit well with Ferguson, who tweeted thusly:

Oy vey. So much for tolerance for others or opinion equality.

Check out the White House's Grinchy Christmas card

Take a look at the White House Christmas card - check that - HOLIDAY card. Apparently, either the Christmas decoration budget was sequestered or the Grinch struck the White House, because there isn't anything on it to indicate it is the Christmas season. No lights, no Christmas tree, not even a wreath is visible in the card. The word Christmas, of course, is not even used. The card does feature tiny dogs running across the front of the White House, though.

You would think the President would be ashamed to send out such a generic, bland, and totally secular Christmas card, but his attitude toward the Christian faith is perfectly reflected here. His Ramadan card, however, was awesome.

December 7, 1941: A day which will live in...hey look! Obamacare!

OK, I'm seriously beginning to think President Obama is trolling America now. There is no way the Leader of the Free World is this clueless.

His latest bit involves Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, which the President managed to forget mentioning on Twitter. He did, however, remember to tweet about Obamacare on the same day. Twice. Not even the official White House Twitter account mentioned it. They did, however, send out over a dozen tweets when Nelson Mandela died this week.

To see first-hand the President's misplaced priorities, click right here to see my full report at

Obama's tribute to Mandela is all about himself

It seems every time America marks a solemn occasion, President Obama can't help making it all about himself. He repeatedly injects himself into the event, so instead of focusing on the passing of an American legend, for example, we focus on Obama contemplating the person instead. Narcissism can be sad when it is so blatant.

The photo above, courtesy of, shows some of the President's recent tributes, which seem more like tributes to himself. It includes his recent tip of the hat to the passing of Nelson Mandela, in which Mandela is nowhere to be found. To read more about "President Selfie" and his obvious fascination with himself, click here to read my full report at

Martin Bashir quits MSNBC over Palin comments

After making some misogynistic comments about Gov. Sarah Palin, Martin Bashir has resigned from MSNBC. How will America survive with one less petty, know-it-all Brit on the air criticizing conservatives while getting rich off of it? We still have Piers Morgan to annoy us, unfortunately.

To read more about the early Christmas gift for conservatives everywhere, click right here to get the details on Bashir's weepy resignation letter from my column at

Listen in to my appearance on the Wade Emmert Show!

I had the pleasure of appearing on the Wade Emmert show as a member of his "Power Panel," discussing everything from Obamacare to the Texas gubernatorial race (this is a Dallas show, after all). Big thanks to Wade (you can visit his website right here) for having me on and feel free to click below to hear the episode.

Now who's paranoid? Government caught collecting citizen's DNA

I usually don't buy into all the black helicopter/New World Order/Illuminati conspiracies floating around out there, but a recent story out of Ft. Worth may have us all thinking twice. According to NBC affiliate KXAS-TV, drivers on a busy Ft. Worth street were recently stopped at a police roadblock and asked for samples of their breath, saliva, and even blood. Off-duty members of the Ft. Worth police department helped staff of the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTA) with the roadblock, and even though giving up a DNA sample was "voluntary," being stopped was not, and drivers who were pulled over felt pressured to participate. The government offered compensation for collecting the samples. The NHTA claims it was an anonymous collection of samples for a survey of American drivers, but after complaints, Ft. Worth police apologized, saying the participation of their officers was not coordinated with headquarters. Attorneys say the roadblock and collection may have been a civil rights violation, and investigations continue. To find out more, read the story by KXAS right here.

Amazon's new show Alpha House is left-wing propaganda wrapped in an unfunny package

I recently had the chance to check out Amazon Instant's new comedy for their online video streaming service. It's called Alpha House, and it is written by Garry Trudeau, the liberal hack who created the political comic strip Doonesbury. As you might expect, the entire show was nothing more than a heavy-handed hit piece on conservative values. Had it been funny, I might have been more concerned, but it isn't. To find out more about the show, including some examples of how their "Marco Rubio" character was a mish-mash of racial stereotypes, click right here to check out my report on

Obama's conference call works just as well as his Obamacare website

I decided to join in on the President's conference call on Monday night (11/18/2013), where the leader of the free world attempted to restore his shattered reputation by preaching to the faithful. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to hear his speech, as his website,, couldn't properly load the audio feed from his call. That's right: another Obama website didn't work. Oh, irony. Incredibly, his people chalk it up to SO MANY PEOPLE trying to log in. Yeah, we've heard that one before.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one having issues with the website. According to, lots of folks couldn't log in to the call, including many reporters. Oops.

If you didn't get to hear the Chosen One explain how everything's gonna be cool with Obamacare (eventually) either, you apparently didn't miss much. Twitchy reported that one of the President's ideas to boost Obamacare was to talk it up at Christmas parties. I'm not kidding. Obamacare supporters have sunk to the level of THAT GUY at every party who tries to sell you something. We may just win this war without having to fire a shot, since the opposition keeps shooting themselves in the foot.

Michael Moore REALLY hates American soldiers

Michael Moore took to Twitter on Veterans Day to slam those honoring our nation's soldiers. He also took a classless swipe at suicide in the military. To read his tweets (caution: they are nauseating) click right here to read our full report at asks for money to save Obamacare

Things are so bad for Obamacare right now, the President is passing around the hat. In a recent email, Organizing for Action (OFA), the President;s political group that runs, recently sent out an email asking for donations to help promote Obamacare. Since millions have had their insurance cancelled, they have all that extra money sitting around to donate, so who knows?

Click right here to read my full report at about OFA's appeal for donations, and the other outrageous claims they made as to why Obamacare is failing. It's good for a chuckle.

Finally, someone who likes Obamacare.....hookers!

It is obvious that President Obama didn't have your average, hard-working American in mind when he crafted Obamacare. With so many having their policies cancelled and their rates raised, the middle class seems to getting the short end of the stick.

So who is actually benefiting from the Affordable Care Act? Workers in the sex industry, it appears. A recent event organized by Obamacare supporters in San Francisco (of course) featured burlesque dancers performing risque skits in which they ended up topless to entertain strippers, hookers, and other assorted sex industry workers and convince them to sign up for Obamacare. It was dubbed a "Healthy Ho's Party." Seriously.

Apparently, when you're a hooker and only deal in cash, insurance is a problem. Thankfully, Obamacare will subsidize their health care - with our tax dollars. Thanks, Mr. President!

To read about the "Healthy Ho's" and how they will do just fine under Obamacare, click right here.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Since it's Guy Fawkes Day, we should note that hundreds of years after the fact, we still face tyranny. We have a President who spies on us at will, ruins our insurance program (after lying about it), uses the IRS to punish his enemies, abandons our heroes to die on the streets of Benghazi, and disregards the Constitution he promised to defend. Sadly, even his political foes (including the party I support) seem more concerned with personal gain than serving the people. While we remember the 5th of November, we should also remember the first Tuesday of November, when we can participate in our own revolution.

Actress Molly Ringwald wants Wendy Davis as Governor of...Houston?

She used to be America's Sweetheart, but now she's proof the brain suffers severe trauma after too many years in Hollywood.

Actress Molly Ringwald decided the Texas Governor's race was missing something: her endorsement of Wendy "Abortion Barbie" Davis. She took the time to tweet on Thursday (Halloween, no less) "Support this woman. The next governor of Houston, Texas. #wendydavis #weneedwomenlikethese."

Her tweet instantly gained ridicule, with many asking exactly when Houston became a state. Others asked if she knows the difference between a mayor and a governor. She also appears to think Houston is the state capitol - wrong again, Molls - it's Austin. Personally, if politics gets her this confused, I wonder if she really knows that abortion ends a human life. I kinda doubt Wendy will fill her in.

Ringwald eventually deleted the tweet, blaming the mistake on jetlag. Yeah, flying makes us really stupid too. To read more about her tweet and the reaction to it, click here to read the full story at

What abortion supporters are really thinking....

Wendy Davis, the Texas state senator whose filibuster of a pro-life bill has earned her the title of "Abortion Barbie," seemed like the perfect person to use for this meme.

Glenn Beck supporters flood Time Warner Cable's Facebook after picking Al Jazeera over TheBlaze

Do you have Time Warner Cable in your home? Consider this. TWC recently announced several new channels that they are adding to their lineup, including Sean "Diddy" Combs' Revolt Channel and Al Jazeera America, a news channel based in the Arab world that is often criticized for its anti-American, pro-radical Arab worldview. Many call them Terrorist TV because of it.

Supporters of Glenn Beck are angry, however, that TWC refused to add his network, TheBlaze, despite a recent campaign in which thousands of TWC customers called and wrote asking them to carry it. They are not taking the snub lying down: they are flooding TWC's Facebook page with messages supportive of TheBlaze and critical of Al Jazeera. To read more about it, click right here to read our full report at  

The new ObamaCare commercial is hilariously ironic

Obamacare's got 99 problems, but success ain't one. A new commercial for the Heath Insurance Marketplace website claims it works great and sign up is easy - yeah, right. To watch the commercial and get a laugh out of the delusion the Obama administration is feeding America, click right here to read the full report at

The Heritage Foundation reveals ObamaCare's true cost

The Heritage Foundation has managed to do what President Obama can't - give us all real numbers of the cost of ObamaCare. Below is a chart listing the rates for certain age and family groups, if you purchase from the government's health care exchange. As you can see, young people - who thought they were getting free medical care - will carry the biggest burden of cost. It should be noted that Virginia's numbers may be more than usual (due to exchange errors), and some states, like New York and New Jersey, have certain regulations in place that will initially keep their rates lower than usual. Those regulations are not permanent, so those rates will eventually rise. You can click here to read more of Heritage's report on the true cost of "affordable health care." You can also click the image below to see it full-size.

Star Trek explains the government shutdown

Abortion Barbie runs for Governor

Wendy Davis, who made a name for herself by filibustering a bill that would have saved viable unborn children from late term abortions, is running for Texas governor. As a Texan, I decided to take her campaign ad and improve on it.

These are the folks who support Wendy Davis....

Wendy Davis wants to be Texas' next governor, but you are known by the company you keep. Her supporters can deny it all they want, but when the Texas legislature passed a bill outlawing abortions after 20 weeks this summer, they were ready to sink to new depths of depravity.

Like those who turned out for her filibuster weeks before, abortion supporters were ready to disrupt the proceedings again in July when the bill was reintroduced. According to state troopers, jars of feces and urine were confiscated from protesters trying to enter the capitol. Since they are abortion supporters, it's safe to say this isn't the most disgusting thing they condone. To read all about what happened, click right here to read the full story.

YMCA kicks out pro-life activists

When members of Students for Life of America went to Austin recently to advocate for a bill that would restrict late-term abortions, their presence at a local YMCA raised the ire of abortion supporters who were members there. After threats from the pro-abortion members, the Y kicked the pro-lifers out. I suppose we should all be concerned about an organization with "Christian" in its name turning its back on pro-life activists, but this all happened in Austin, Texas, the bastion of liberalism in the state.

To read more about what happened, click here to read the full story at

Andrew Garfield wants to make Spider-Man gay

Sometimes you have to question if some actors have any grasp of reality. Case in point: Andrew Garfield, who plays Spider-Man in the recent movie reboot of the Marvel superhero, said in a recent interview that he wanted to make his character gay in the upcoming sequel.

Apparently, the heavy-handed attempt to appear tolerant to the gay community didn't go over well with anyone, most of all fans of Spider-Man. Besides, one has to wonder, when you are dating actress Emma Stone (as Garfield is), why in the world are you even thinking about playing a gay character? The guy doesn't know a good thing when he has it.

To see exactly what Garfield said about the proposed Fabulous Spider-Man, click here to read my story at

Sarah Palin supported a path to citizenship before opposing it

I'm a fan of Sarah Palin, but I don't get her logic sometimes. For instance, during the 2008 election, she supported immigration reform, saying the U.S. should do the "humane" thing and create a path to citizenship.

Even though the basics of the immigration debate have not changed, Palin now seems to have changed her tune to one that will likely win the support of the very vocal (and very supportive) anti-immigrant movement.

Palin makes a living on TV appearances and speeches for various Republican groups around the country. The question, then, must be asked: is she really saying what she believes about immigration reform, or is she merely playing to those who butter her bread? After seeing how Marco Rubio has been ripped and savaged by his fellow Republicans, does she have the courage to admit she once held his views as well? What has changed between 2008 and now to cause this flip-flop, and why won't she talk about it? One has to wonder.

To read all about what Palin said, click right here to read my full report at

Conservative bloggers find profit in opposing immigration reform

I've seen a disturbing trend among many conservative bloggers lately. Particularly, special interest groups who buy advertising from some conservative blogs seem to be defining how certain issues are reported on those sites. Reporting on an issue without influence from advertisers is always a slippery slope for journalists, but some bloggers seem to have no problem catering to them to keep the money flowing.

My latest report points out a group of bloggers that write for a media corporation funded by ad revenue from a Washington political group. This political group seems intent on preaching broad, hateful rhetoric on the issue of immigration, and the bloggers seem happy to echo that rhetoric. This is why we don't see more meaningful, in-depth reporting on many controversial issues - there's no money in it.

To read about the bloggers involved and the political group buying their favor, click right here to read my story at

Meet Konni Burton, the woman who wants to send Wendy Davis packing

Tea Party activist Konni Burton has emerged as a serious challenger to unseat Wendy Davis, the Democratic Texas State Senator who has become the media darling of the left. Unlike Davis, Burton is pro-life, anti-big government, and believes in statesmanship over political opportunism. With Democrats across the country lining up behind Davis, it is time for the conservatives and libertarians to rise up and push back against the Davis hype and back Burton. To read more about her plans for Texas, click here to read my story for

Meet the baby Wendy Davis won't protect

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis made a name for herself by filibustering a bill that would have outlawed abortions after 20 weeks. Her political stunt won the hearts of the more liberal parts of the media, but they failed to take into consideration the subject of the bill: a 20 week old baby. We, however, did not.

A well-respected pregnancy site produced a video outlining what a 20 week old baby is like, and we included it in a report you can read right here. Feel free to share with anyone who tries to sing Davis' praises. It's sobering to see the human babies that she feels are unworthy of life.

Robert Reich calls rural America fascist and regressive

In a recent column, former Clinton Administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reich demeaned Americans living in rural communities, calling them regressive, hateful, and fascist. It probably shouldn't surprise you that someone with this twisted line of thinking teaches at Berkeley and is a political commentator for CNN and MSNBC.

To read more about what Reich said, click here to read our story at

New Yorker Magazine makes Bert and Ernie gay

After the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, The New Yorker Magazine decided to celebrate - by outing Sesame Street icons Bert and Ernie on the cover of their magazine. Why? We're really not sure, but it seems the liberal left has a weird obsession with Muppet sex.

To read all about their controversial cover, and how the mainstream media fell over themselves praising it, click right here to read the full story at

What did Ronald Reagan say about immigration amnesty?

Immigration reform, and the so-called "amnesty" plan that has been proposed, has caused some major division in the Republican party. With all the rhetoric out there, it has been difficult for many conservatives to come to an agreement on the subject. However, President Ronald Reagan settled the issue years ago. To find out what he said about immigration reform and amnesty, click right here to read my column at

Steve King can't tell the truth when it comes to raising money

We don't like it when politicians don't speak the truth, regardless of their political party. Republican Steve King has done many good things, but he used half-truths and pinned America's problems on immigrants in an effort to raise money. In a fundraising email, he claimed America is on a "death watch" and your donation to his campaign would help stop that, but his claims against immigrants and immigration reform simply aren't true. Click here to read our report about his claims, and why they don't hold up to fact. No amount of money is worth sacrificing the truth.

Liberal pastor says Jesus was wrong on gay marriage

Meet Rev. Oliver White. He is the pastor of Grace Community United Church of Christ in St. Paul, Minnesota.

He is also bat-guano crazy.

Rev. White has gone on a campaign in support of gay marriage, arguing that Jesus "didn't know it all" about the subject, and would support it if He were here to speak to us today. Not surprisingly, White's stand has cost him most of his church members, and his church property is facing foreclosure. He's just being showered with blessings from above, we can tell.

To read more about what Rev. White told Sean Hannity about gay marriage, click right here to read my column at

Michelle and Barack's Excellent Vacation Adventure

Remember that vacation Michelle Obama went on? No, not the Africa trip that cost taxpayers $100 million. We mean the vacation BEFORE that vacation, in which she spent a few days in Ireland. It might be significant, because it cost taxpayers $5 million, enough money to pay for 1.3 years of White House tours for schoolkids. You remember the tours that Obama canceled because he said the sequester left them no money, don't you? Good, because the media sure doesn't.

To read more about Michelle's EuroTrip and what it means in real dollars, click right here to check out my story at

Ted Cruz blasts Obama's Berlin speech as "appeasement"

When President Obama went to Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to give a speech, he hoped to get a little of the historical magic that Kennedy and Reagan had when they spoke there. Instead, The Chosen One proved that he wasn't even in the same league as those two.

To make matters worse for Obama, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas absolutely destroyed his speech in a statement, which you can read for yourself by clicking here to read my report.

Move over Jesus, the Muslims want to pray

The University of Chicago (the same university where President Obama taught law) recently removed all of the pews from a historic Christian chapel in order to make room for Muslim prayers. Remember that story we did a while back about the Army listing Christians as possible terrorists? This is the by-product of that sort of thinking.

Chipper Jones wants to feed poor immigrants to alligators

You know what I can't stand? Spoiled rich celebrities, and yes, spoiled athlete millionaires are included in that bunch. That's why I lost a lot of respect for former Atlanta Braves star Chipper Jones, who thinks it would be great fun to feed undocumented immigrants to alligators placed on the border.

I guess when we quote the poem at the Statue of Liberty saying "give me your tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free," we need to start adding "except for the poor, huddled masses of Mexicans yearning to escape the drug violence and poverty of their lousy country." What an ignorant tool this guy is. He probably doesn't even know that our goverment's immigration system is so screwed up that every year, thousands of immigrants trying to follow the rules are denied green cards for no reason at all. Over one million qualified applicants are still waiting. Some people have waited over 25 years. No wonder they cross the border in desperation. But that doesn't mean a thing to a spoiled millionaire.

To read more about this idiot, click right here to read my full story at

TSA treats Chewbacca like a terrorist

Meet Peter Mayhew, all around nice guy (I can say that from personal experience) and the gentleman who has played Chewbacca in the Star Wars films.

Because of his age and great height, Mayhew needs a cane to walk, and it just so happens, his cane looks like a lightsaber. Pretty cool, except the stormtroopers at TSA considered it a weapon, as if it really worked. No, this is not an Onion story.

To find out what happened, and to hear about the Star Wars fans that helped him get his cane back from the evil Empire, click right here and check out my full report.

Gay activists upset over immigrants getting all the attention

Well, aren't we a little miffed? Apparently some gay activists are upset that the talk in Washington isn't all about them, and they are pulling their support of some Democrats (with votes and money) because they aren't being included in immigration reform. To read more about it, click right here to read my article at!

Toss your cookies: Link between Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood exposed

A former Girl Scout named Sydney Volanski has stepped forward to take the lead on the many ties the Girl Scouts have to the liberal left. Chief among them: Planned Parenthood, whose efforts the Girl Scouts support, using "sister" organizations that they fund, in order to deny a "direct" link. To read more about how they use an organization known as WAGGGS to accomplish their liberal agenda, click right here to read our full story.

To visit Sydney Volanski's site,, click right here.

Barack Obama and the Secret Emails of Doom

We really shouldn't be too surprised that the Obama administration has been using secret email accounts to communicate with each other. What I do find  surprising is that the AP broke the story. A news organization actually doing their job, who would have thought it? Of course, the rest of the mainstream media responded with a collective yawn, which isn't surprising at all.

It turns out Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (pictured here) and the former head of the EPA were amonf those using the secret accounts, which could be a crime if they were used to circumvent federal disclosure laws. I suppose we can just add them to the long list of misdeeds by this Administration that go uninvestigated, below Fast and Furious and Benghazi but above giving Bo the Dog his own private jet on trips.

To read more about the administration's secret email accounts, click right here to read my full report at

Adam Levine, typical Hollywood leftist

When Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine was caught live on the air saying "I hate this country," it wasn't his first dig at anything resembling mainstream America. In fact, Levine is a liberal and an Obama supporter, who likes insulting conservatives. To read more about his behavior, click right here to read my column at