Seventeen Magazine and Planned Parenthood team up to give your teen R-rated sex advice

Seventeen Magazine was created in the 1940s to help young girls grow up into responsible young women. Now, it teams up with Planned Parenthood to give minors advice on sex acts that belong in a hard core porno. My new article explains it all; click the following link to read it on
Seventeen Magazine gives R-rated sex advice to teens

Just try keeping up with Obama's millionaire celebrity pals

I decided to compile a list of all the celebrities that President Obama spends time with, holds fundraisers with, and gives special treatment to. I figured it was George Clooney and a handful of others. The list is at 41 and counting. You might not like some of the names here, especially if you are a fan. If you dare, click the following link to see who I named.
President Obama's top Hollywood celebrity obsessions

Oh, those silly white liberals

We know just the sight of President Obama sends chills up liberal legs and makes progressive women swoon, but can he make you forget your race? A new Obama campaign video features some confused white chicks.  Or maybe wishful thinkers, you decide. Click the following link to read all about it:
Campaign ad has white people holding 'African Americans for Obama' signs

One Nation Under Obama

Obama don't need no stinkin' states. Not when his ego is big enough to fill the star field of an American flag. This is an actual art print offered by the Obama campaign, who still does not "get" that our nation's symbols have a sacred meaning. My new article explains it all. Click right here to read it!

Obama thinks he's Jay-Z, wishes little girls were "bootylicious" like Beyonce.

So, the 47% think Obama is their champion. They may not want to know, then, that he prefers to hang with Jay-Z and Beyonce then see them struggle under his policies. My new article has the ugly details of his night in NYC. Click the following link to read it all:
Obama: I'm like Jay-Z, Beyonce a role model for little girls

Olbermann is still alive, still irrelevant.

Keith Olbermann, bless his heart, needs a little attention. He's now going after conservative radio host Dana Loesch, but doesn't want anyone seeing her responses. That's one way to win an argument. My latest article for covers it all! Click the link below to read it.
Gutless Olbermann attacks Dana Loesch on Twitter, then blocks her responses

Ted Cruz schools PC Obama on terrorism

Ted Cruz isn't afraid to call it like it is, and now he's calling out the President over his soft stance on terrorism. Click the following link to read my new article!
Ted Cruz: Obama can't say "radical Islamic terrorist"

Four sweatshirts and a funeral

Our President never misses the chance to raise money for his reelection. Not even in the middle of the memorial service for our murdered ambassador and former Navy SEALS. My new article has all the details. Click the following link to read it all:
Obama sells shirts on Twitter during embassy memorial service

Website wants American Muslim leaders to apologize

A new website by a conservative group is demanding accountability and a moral stand from America's Muslim community. On the heels of deadly terrorist attacks on embassies in Libya and Egypt, is seeking signers for an open letter asking American Islamic leaders to condemn the actions. is the creation of The Conservative Caucus and The Response Action Network, and asks visitors to the site to sign the open letter that states the following:

"In wake of the 9/11/12 attacks of our embassies in Egypt and Libya, we demand that all American Muslim leaders immediately:

• Condemn the deaths of their fellow Americans at the hands of radical Muslims, and apologize to the families of those killed.
• Renounce any effort to impose or enforce extremist Sharia Law within the United States.
• Reject literal interpretations of violent directives in the Quran.
• Pledge to respect the freedom of speech and of all Americans from religious violence."

In a press release, Conservative Caucus chairman Peter Thomas states "Our very way of life is under direct attack by the religious intolerance of a group of people who hate us for our freedom, and we must make a clear and bold statement. These Mosques enjoy the privilege of non-profit tax status, and the constitutionally protected freedom to spread their views within our communities. The least they can do is speak out and condemn these murders of their fellow Americans."

Thomas also outlined their demands in more detail. "We demand that the leaders of every Mosque condemn the deaths of their fellow Americans at the hands of radical Muslims, and apologize directly to the families of those killed. We demand that these leaders openly reject any and all efforts to spread or enforce extremist Sharia Law within the United States," he said.

"We demand they reject violent directives within the Quran, including Chapter 8, Verse 39, 'Fight them until there is no more Fitnah (worshiping others besides Allah) and the religion will all be for Allah alone.' We demand that Islamic leaders around the world pledge to respect our Christian culture, the freedom of speech, and the independence of our nation from Sharia Law and religious violence."

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The President's misplaced priorities

He may not have time time to sit in on national security briefings, or meet with his Jobs Council, or have a sit-down with our only ally in the Middle East, but President Obama finds the time to fly Air Force One to New York and sit on David Letterman's couch. This is Forward?

My latest column for describes the President's snub of Israeli PM Netanyahu, while making time for Letterman. Click the following link to read it all:
Obama makes time for Letterman, but not Israeli PM Netanyahu

Obama skips 9/11 mention to talk reelection

Unfortunately, President Obama has injected politics into 9/11, AGAIN. To read our report on what he tweeted, click the link below:
Obama forgets 9/11 anniversary, tweets for reelection instead

Cardinal Timothy Dolan 'prayerbombs' the DNC

God made sure His will was spoken at the Democratic National Convention after they tried to keep Him out of the platform. He just used Cardinal Dolan to do it. Click the following link to read all about it:
Cardinal Timothy Dolan 'prayerbombs' the DNC

Now debating tax cuts: Lindsay Lohan and Pauley Perrette. Seriously.

Lindsay Lohan wants Obama to cut taxes, while Pauley Perrette wants to see her taxes raised. No matter who wins this argument, we all lose. Seriously, when Lindsay Lohan is the right one in this argument, can it ever end well? My latest column for features the debate. Click the following link to read it:
Lindsay Lohan wants tax cuts; Pauley Perrette wants to pay more taxes

Scarlett Johansson wants you to take care of her friends

At her DNC speech, Scarlett Johansson praised baby killers Planned Parenthood and said taxpayers should take care of her friends' medical needs. Ah Scarlett, so pretty, so clueless. Click the link below to read my full column on her rantings.
Scarlett Johansson's bizarre, selfish DNC speech

The Lord is not happy with the Dude or the DNC

Two days after He sent a storm to destroy a sandy graven image of Barack Obama, the Lord hath struck again, this time ending Jeff Bridges' concert for Democrats at the National Convention in Charlotte. Click the link below to read the tale:
God rains out Jeff Bridges' DNC concert