The Bristol Palin hate is in full effect

I must admit, I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, and it doesn't really matter to me how Bristol Palin finished. However, she was a lightning rod for every liberal douche-bag who wanted to vent their hate for her mother, so I give her credit for being out there and taking the heat.

Of course, very little has been made of the threats of violence against Bristol - including death threats and the delivery of white powder to the DWTS studios - because it doesn't fit the laid-back, inclusive, cuddly image the media likes to project about the left. Had there been threats against a liberal, however, you know somehow the Tea Party would have gotten the blame.

Now, TMZ, the country's greatest social think tank, is taking their swipe at Bristol. A headline on their site read "Bristol Palin Getting Some Tail Before 'Dancing with the Stars' Finale." The real story was less provocative, of course. It was simply a story of what ABC offered in their pre-show buffet for the cast. That included...wait for it...lobster tails. It's a pathetic attempt to scape up some kind of controversy on Bristol, but since the folks at TMZ have sold their souls to Satan long ago, perhaps I should feel sorry for them instead. Perhaps.    

I knew I didn't like Ina "The Barefoot Contessa" Garten

The Barefoot Contessa - aka Ina Garten - always rubbed me the wrong way. All of her friends on the show are always gay men, like she collects them or something. No other diversity in her friends. It's odd. Not even my gay friends have as many gay friends as she does. I addition, she wouldn't let Jennifer Garner, who is a big fan, appear on her show because she only has her friends (the aforementioned gay men) appear on her show. Why would she do that? Jennifer Garner is America's sweetheart!

After a little digging, I know why I felt a disturbance in the Force with Garten: she's a big-time supporter of liberal causes. She hosted a benefit at her New York home for the Hudson Peconic branch of Planned Parenthood in 2004. This is the same woman who refuses to participate in charity events for The Food Network, even though most of the channel's other show hosts do. When America's biggest baby killer needs to raise some money, however, she's there.

Liberals are a bunch of gun-crazed hillbillies: here's proof!

Since conservatives are always usually portrayed as idiots who cling to their guns and their beliefs, a little turnabout is fair play. Meet Steven Cowan (pictured at left), a man in rural Wisconsin who sat down to watch "Dancing with the Stars" Monday night and became enraged when Bristol Palin came out to dance. Cowan was upset that the daughter of a conservative Republican would be considered a celebrity, calling her appearance "(expletive) politics."

According to an AP story carried by The Dallas Morning News, Cowan then did what any good liberal does: he took his shotgun and shot the television. He then threatened to kill his wife, leading to a standoff with SWAT and his eventual arrest. Those dang liberals. So dangerous and prone to violence, they could make Nancy Pelosi tear up (click here to see that weepy clip again).  

Tales of a Teleprompter President

With all the focus on new books from President George W. Bush and Sarah Palin recently, I'm sure President Obama is feeling lonely. I thought it would be a great time to remind everyone what we've been missing. Remember this little shout-out to our military? Maybe Obama should stop looking for stories and spend more time learning about the military he commands. The mainstream media tends to overlook such gaffes from Obama, but if this had been W, they would have been all over it.

Why bother with Jon Stewart?

I finally watched Texas Gov.Rick Perry's appearance on the Daily Show (I DVR'd it) and it made me wonder why he and other conservatives even bother going on his show.

Perry was there to promote his book, but instead of having a regular, if not thought-provoking conversation, Stewart took every opportunity to take swipes at Perry, at conservatives, and even the state of Texas. Perry seemed unable to match wits with Stewart; it was an awkward interview, to say the least. There was tired rhetoric from Perry and snide remarks from Stewart.

I don't blame Stewart for his actions, it's what he does. He is capable of having a real conversation, but he wouldn't do that with a conservative. I blame Perry, who should have known better, for failing to go in ready to either say something of meaning or defuse Stewart's arguments. He did neither. I wonder why Perry even bothered going on The Daily Show. Was this appearance really going to sell books, or change his image? We all know it is to keep his face on the national stage. If he wants to run for President (and I hope he doesn't), he needs to be able to do better in interviews than this.

Don't get me wrong, I like Perry. I voted for him, and I think he is doing a good, but not perfect, job. It's obvious, however, that he isn't ready to deal with a liberal attack of words and wit.

There's no smoking in baseball!

Babe Ruth aside, we know smoking is bad, that's a given. However, the liberal PC police couldn't even let the Cincinnati Reds celebrate their 2010 pennant with cigars. To find out what happened when someone broke out the cigars in the Reds locker room, click right here to read my full article.

MSNBC Declaration of Independence ad omits God, adds gay marriage

MSNBC has been trying to change its image lately, in an effort to appear more mainstream while not exactly changing their liberal leanings. Their new promotional campaign includes a patriotic commercial that tries to quote the Declaration of Independence. However, their quote conveniently left out a reference to the Almighty, and inserted a visual nod to gay marriage. You might have seen the commercial, but unless you were paying attention, you might have missed MSNBC's little omissions and additions. To find out more about their attempt to change history, read my full column by clicking right here.

Give Biden some cash, 'cause you wouldn't like him when he's angry

Now that the Great Political Reckoning of 2010 has passed, I thought it would be nice to go back and look at just how crazy the rhetoric got. One of my favorites was an email from Joe Biden sent out in October 2010 to supporters entitled "Lately, I've had it up to here," in which he tried to re-channel voter anger by claiming he was angry too, and it was the fault of the Republicans.

Obviously, no one bought it, but Biden used the email to ask supporters to send him $3 to help re-elect Democrats and subdue his righteous fury. Gee, I wonder how Crazy Joe is feeling now?

To read more about his shameless email, click right here to read my full column