For Christmas, Paris Hilton celebrates herself

You know, I'd laugh harder at Paris Hilton if she weren't so pathetic. And yet, I still laugh quite a bit.

My latest column highlights her Christmas card, which features the real reason for the season: looking at her bony body in skimpy outfits. To see the Christmas card that may finally get her skanky soul condemned to hell, click right here to read it at You can also click right here to read the same column at Yahoo.

Help Kate Walsh kill babies and win a DVD!

Private Practice star Kate Walsh can't get in the Christmas spirit until she helps Planned Parenthood kill some babies. She wants you to get in on the killing too, so she's offering an autographed DVD set as a prize to anyone who contributes to Planned Parenthood. Hide yo' pregnant wife, cause they abortin' everybody out there!

To read my full article about what Kate Walsh is up to, click right here.

Surprise! Liberals like bad TV

A new study says that Democrats like TV shows with sick, twisted characters, like Dexter the serial killer and, of course, Keith Olbermann.

The study also says Republicans prefer shows where good fights evil, like "V" and "NCIS." It's probably not a coincidence that TV shows favored by Republicans tend to be more successful, and get higher ratings. To read my full article on the subject, click here to read it at Yahoo's Associated Content

The Bristol Palin hate is in full effect

I must admit, I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, and it doesn't really matter to me how Bristol Palin finished. However, she was a lightning rod for every liberal douche-bag who wanted to vent their hate for her mother, so I give her credit for being out there and taking the heat.

Of course, very little has been made of the threats of violence against Bristol - including death threats and the delivery of white powder to the DWTS studios - because it doesn't fit the laid-back, inclusive, cuddly image the media likes to project about the left. Had there been threats against a liberal, however, you know somehow the Tea Party would have gotten the blame.

Now, TMZ, the country's greatest social think tank, is taking their swipe at Bristol. A headline on their site read "Bristol Palin Getting Some Tail Before 'Dancing with the Stars' Finale." The real story was less provocative, of course. It was simply a story of what ABC offered in their pre-show buffet for the cast. That included...wait for it...lobster tails. It's a pathetic attempt to scape up some kind of controversy on Bristol, but since the folks at TMZ have sold their souls to Satan long ago, perhaps I should feel sorry for them instead. Perhaps.    

I knew I didn't like Ina "The Barefoot Contessa" Garten

The Barefoot Contessa - aka Ina Garten - always rubbed me the wrong way. All of her friends on the show are always gay men, like she collects them or something. No other diversity in her friends. It's odd. Not even my gay friends have as many gay friends as she does. I addition, she wouldn't let Jennifer Garner, who is a big fan, appear on her show because she only has her friends (the aforementioned gay men) appear on her show. Why would she do that? Jennifer Garner is America's sweetheart!

After a little digging, I know why I felt a disturbance in the Force with Garten: she's a big-time supporter of liberal causes. She hosted a benefit at her New York home for the Hudson Peconic branch of Planned Parenthood in 2004. This is the same woman who refuses to participate in charity events for The Food Network, even though most of the channel's other show hosts do. When America's biggest baby killer needs to raise some money, however, she's there.

Liberals are a bunch of gun-crazed hillbillies: here's proof!

Since conservatives are always usually portrayed as idiots who cling to their guns and their beliefs, a little turnabout is fair play. Meet Steven Cowan (pictured at left), a man in rural Wisconsin who sat down to watch "Dancing with the Stars" Monday night and became enraged when Bristol Palin came out to dance. Cowan was upset that the daughter of a conservative Republican would be considered a celebrity, calling her appearance "(expletive) politics."

According to an AP story carried by The Dallas Morning News, Cowan then did what any good liberal does: he took his shotgun and shot the television. He then threatened to kill his wife, leading to a standoff with SWAT and his eventual arrest. Those dang liberals. So dangerous and prone to violence, they could make Nancy Pelosi tear up (click here to see that weepy clip again).  

Tales of a Teleprompter President

With all the focus on new books from President George W. Bush and Sarah Palin recently, I'm sure President Obama is feeling lonely. I thought it would be a great time to remind everyone what we've been missing. Remember this little shout-out to our military? Maybe Obama should stop looking for stories and spend more time learning about the military he commands. The mainstream media tends to overlook such gaffes from Obama, but if this had been W, they would have been all over it.

Why bother with Jon Stewart?

I finally watched Texas Gov.Rick Perry's appearance on the Daily Show (I DVR'd it) and it made me wonder why he and other conservatives even bother going on his show.

Perry was there to promote his book, but instead of having a regular, if not thought-provoking conversation, Stewart took every opportunity to take swipes at Perry, at conservatives, and even the state of Texas. Perry seemed unable to match wits with Stewart; it was an awkward interview, to say the least. There was tired rhetoric from Perry and snide remarks from Stewart.

I don't blame Stewart for his actions, it's what he does. He is capable of having a real conversation, but he wouldn't do that with a conservative. I blame Perry, who should have known better, for failing to go in ready to either say something of meaning or defuse Stewart's arguments. He did neither. I wonder why Perry even bothered going on The Daily Show. Was this appearance really going to sell books, or change his image? We all know it is to keep his face on the national stage. If he wants to run for President (and I hope he doesn't), he needs to be able to do better in interviews than this.

Don't get me wrong, I like Perry. I voted for him, and I think he is doing a good, but not perfect, job. It's obvious, however, that he isn't ready to deal with a liberal attack of words and wit.

There's no smoking in baseball!

Babe Ruth aside, we know smoking is bad, that's a given. However, the liberal PC police couldn't even let the Cincinnati Reds celebrate their 2010 pennant with cigars. To find out what happened when someone broke out the cigars in the Reds locker room, click right here to read my full article.

MSNBC Declaration of Independence ad omits God, adds gay marriage

MSNBC has been trying to change its image lately, in an effort to appear more mainstream while not exactly changing their liberal leanings. Their new promotional campaign includes a patriotic commercial that tries to quote the Declaration of Independence. However, their quote conveniently left out a reference to the Almighty, and inserted a visual nod to gay marriage. You might have seen the commercial, but unless you were paying attention, you might have missed MSNBC's little omissions and additions. To find out more about their attempt to change history, read my full column by clicking right here.

Give Biden some cash, 'cause you wouldn't like him when he's angry

Now that the Great Political Reckoning of 2010 has passed, I thought it would be nice to go back and look at just how crazy the rhetoric got. One of my favorites was an email from Joe Biden sent out in October 2010 to supporters entitled "Lately, I've had it up to here," in which he tried to re-channel voter anger by claiming he was angry too, and it was the fault of the Republicans.

Obviously, no one bought it, but Biden used the email to ask supporters to send him $3 to help re-elect Democrats and subdue his righteous fury. Gee, I wonder how Crazy Joe is feeling now?

To read more about his shameless email, click right here to read my full column

If you can't beat Bill O'Reilly, run away

The Goldberg/Behar walkout on "The View" is about more than some spoiled celebrities being offended with Bill O'Reilly. It's about making certain points of view look radical. Their little stunt, however, backfired. To read how their little stunt actually proved O'Reilly's point, click right here.

Republicans who support the DREAM Act

So many seem to paint the illegal immigration issue with too broad a brush. Some think that any effort to being illegals into the fold, and give them a chance to become citizens, is amnesty. There is a way that illegals can become citizens and make amends for breaking the law.

The DREAM Act is a way for illegals who came to America as children to become legal if they meet certain requirements, including staying out of trouble, finishing high school, and going into the military or college. It gives those who had no say in whether they broke the law the chance to become productive American citizens. To read about a group of Dallas hispanic Republicans who support it, click right here.

Is the Oxygen Channel killing feminism?

Lost in the recent headlines was an announcement from the Oxygen Channel that they are giving bony pothead socialite Paris Hilton a new reality show. Oxygen, who once tried to promote themselves as a television channel for empowering women, has used their platform to give women like Hilton, who has never worked a full day in her life, the spotlight as if she's a role model. Their other shows, including Bad Girl's Club, America's Next Top Model, and House of Glam do nothing more than reinforce negative female stereotypes. Don't think so? Consider the success of Snapped, a show that focuses on female killers. Seriously. This channel couldn't be more anti-woman if it clubbed them on the head and dragged them around by their hair.

John Dennis and the best political ad ever

John Dennis is running for Nancy Pelosi's seat in Congress, and created a great political ad that is a YouTube hit. To read more about it, click right here or watch the video below.

Voting Character Over Race

One of my recent columns for Yahoo News explored the issue of race and how that affects voting, using a local race in Dallas as an example. To read the column, click right here.

Kudos to Clint Howard

It's a rarity, but a Hollywood actor is actually supporting a conservative cause. This time, it's Clint Howard, brother of liberal die-hard Ron Howard, who made the following internet video on behalf of The Heritage Foundation. Click here to read about it on Associated Content.

Seize the Gay!

Microsoft's PC police are a little too sensitive. Their liberal guilt has led them to ban a whole town from Xbox live. Their argument, it would seem, is that it is worse to be figuratively gay than literally gay. Or something. To find out the whole story, read my column by clicking right here.

Big D doesn't mean Democrat

One of my recent columns for Yahoo News highlights the shift in Dallas politics, which has been highly Democratic but is now trending Republican. It is indicative of how much ground Democrats are losing nationwide. Dallas was considered a stronghold for the Dems, but now they are fighting for their political lives. You can read all about it right here.

Just note: in my haste to spell check and turn in my column, I misspelled one of the folks quoted. It should actually read JASON VILLALBA of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. I left out one of the "Ls" when I ran spell check. Sorry about that Jason!

Liberal pretends to be a Tea Partier, and MSNBC falls for it

MSNBC was all giddy this week playing a little game of "gotcha" with Glenn Beck and the Tea Party over the "Restore America" rally. Seems they "uncovered" a Tea Party blogger who posted a guide to DC for rally attendees that helped them avoid the parts of town where African Americans live. Of course, it fit their spin of making everyone look like racists, so they failed to do a little digging.

The Daily Beast then discovered the blogger responsible is a big time Democratic contributor and now it appears, an obvious plant to discredit the Tea Party. Of course, the accusations and impressions have been made, so MSNBC won't worry about retractions. That's too bad, because I was looking forward to Maddow's snarky "we got duped" speech.

To read about MSNBC's entire witch hunt, visit the NewsBusters story right here

Hispanic Republicans: Minorities among minorities

I've recently had the chance to write some political stories and columns for Yahoo News. One of my recent columns concerns the rise of Latinos in the Republican party. Despite the rancor over illegal immigration, they do exist, don't believe what Harry Reid says. To read the column, click right here.

The truth about the Ground Zero mosque imam

TIME Magazine will do whatever it can to push support for the Ground Zero mosque - even cover up the truth about the imam behind it. To find out what TIME didn't report, read my column for by clicking here.

The Hypocrisy of Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren can be added to the list of Hollywood actors who can't shut up about their personal views, yet abandon them when it is time to make money. The British actress has been a vocal anti-gun advocate, including endorsing a ban on so-called "replica" guns. That didn't stop her, however, from taking a movie role that paid her millions to shoot replica guns.

David Codrea, who writes about gun rights for, exposed Mirren's hypocrisy over the movie role. To read the entire article, which includes a hilarious video with Mirren about the "dangers" of replica guns (and the false claim that they can fire real bullets) click right here.

Obama's audacity on display again

Sure, America may be struggling economically, but President Obama still wants you to pay up to ensure his friends, who made this mess, keep getting elected. He even sent out an email to supporters this past week asking just that.

To read about the email and why Obama thinks his pals deserve your money, read my column at right here

Are you on the Jihad Watch?

I hope you have had the opportunity to read Robert Spencer's blog Jihad Watch, a site unafraid to expose the hard truth about radical Islam. Robert Spencer is a lone voice of reason crying in a cultural wilderness overrun with political correctness, and God bless him for it. To visit his site now, click right here.   

Attack of the Drag Queen Teachers!

Meet Peter J. Konrath, head of the Drag Queen Caucus, a group officially recognized by the National Education Association, the guardians of public education. The NEA must believe there is a noted lack of representation of drag queens in the classroom, or they wouldn't have bothered giving them a voice in the NEA's mission. They even have a table at the national NEA convention.

To find out more about the Drag Queen Caucus, their risqué trading cards, and their scholarship program for GLBT teens, click here to read my article at

Is Michelle Obama a birther?

The "birther" movement, made up of people who believe President Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen, may have had a much longer run in the public eye than it deserved, but it made plenty of noise while it had America's attention. By comparison, those who argued that John McCain was not qualified to serve as President because he was born in the Panama Canal zone never saw their cause gain real traction.

Of course, there are still those who believe that the President was not born in Hawaii as he claims, mainly because he has never produced his original birth certificate. What he did provide, a certificate of live birth, doesn't quite have the legal same standing as an original birth certificate and did not solve the eligibility issue. There are other issues involved as well, which have been largely disproven. Of course, what did end the debate for many was the birth announcement of Barack Obama in two different Hawaii newspapers in 1961. While it doesn't prove Obama was born in Hawaii, it makes it nearly impossible to believe he was born in Kenya as some contend. It would have taken almost supernatural foresight to have planned a cover-up just days after the President's birth.

The question now is, who is to blame for allowing the issue to fester? The President holds some responsibility by not releasing his original birth certificate, but consider how much blame his wife Michelle holds. We submit for your consideration the following video, recorded in 2008 when Mrs. Obama was speaking to a gay rights organization. She states the exact same phrase many "birthers" have been criticized for saying themselves, that the President's home country was Kenya. Was it a purely symbolic statement, or was it a Freudian slip of historic proportions? At least liberals can't blame the right for starting the controversy.

For more information regarding the citizenship of President Obama, visit the urban legends website

Obama vs. the Gay Mafia

Someone should have typed "KEEP COOL" on President Obama's teleprompter.

In a rare flash of anger usually reserved for Republicans, President Barack Obama lashed out at a group of gay activists who began heckling him at a California fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer on Monday (April 19). The activists were upset with the President for not yet repealing the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, which effectively bans gays from serving openly.

The video below (from CBS News) shows how the incident transpired. During the event, a number of activists began yelling at the President about the policy. At first, Obama tried to ignore them, speaking louder and becoming more animated in an attempt to drown them out. Suddenly, the President snapped, angrily addressing the crowd by yelling "Hey! Hold on a second!" The activists then began chanting "Yes we can," mocking the President's campaign slogan. Obama was visibly upset and took several moments to compose himself before smiling and responding "We are going to do that."

Obama was in California trying to bolster the reelection efforts of Barbara Boxer, whose disapproval rate is higher than her approval rate, and may attract several prominent opponents, including Carly Fiorina. Attendees to the event paid as much as $32,000 to attend the event.

Source: CBS News

Obama: America Ain't So Great

The Heritage Foundation has published a great column by Conn Carroll about American exceptionalism and how Obama shies away from it. Makes you proud to know he's in charge, doesn't it? Click here to read the column: Morning Bell: Defending Freedom is a Choice | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Liberals: The George W. Bush Library will kill kittens!

No wonder newspapers are going out of business. The Dallas Morning News posted an embarrassing story today that reported on the plight of stray kittens that are going to be displaced by the new George W. Bush library being built next to SMU in Dallas. Seriously. It sounds like someone at the very liberal SMU is reaching for any reason to hate on W's library. Liberals have been protesting to SMU regents for years trying to keep it from being built, and they failed. So bring on the kitties.

Xbox helps MSNBC attack Sarah Palin

Liberals have infiltrated the world of video games. It appears no place is safe from their aggressive yet annoying agenda.

Xbox 360 users can access the Xbox Live Network via the internet, which allows users to play games online with others around the world and view all sort of media content, from movies to TV shows to news reports. Since Xbox is owned by Microsoft, MSNBC provides news of interest on the network, most of it pretty straightforward and nonpolitical.

On Monday April 12, 2010, Xbox Live posted a headline showing comedian Tina Fey as Sarah Palin supposedly offering a clip of her recent skit portraying Palin on Saturday Night Live. Such a headline is not unusual; clips of news, viral videos and SNL skits, provided by MSNBC, are common on the Xbox Live Network.

When viewers clicked on the headline, however, what was shown was a clip from an MSNBC news program which showed the SNL skit, but then included the MSNBC host speaking with Ana Marie Cox, an editor from GQ Magazine who basically trashed Palin for two minutes while calling Fey a comedic "genius." She also stated that Fey's skits were one of the main factors why "more than 50% of Americans don't want Palin to be President." She then goes on to say "it's not hard to make fun of Sarah Palin. She says so many things that are untrue or Tina said, willfully ignorant and woefully unprepared." She then stated that she wondered if such impressions were even necessary "to make Sarah Palin look like a joke."

Of course, Cox showed no concern when she readily admitted that some Americans form their opinions of Palin from Tina Fey and Saturday Night Live rather than from Palin herself. Such "willful ignorance" would be condemned if it came from the Tea Party, but since they were talking about their "enlightened" core viewers, it was celebrated. No opposing views were offered by MSNBC.

Viewers who wanted to see the SNL clip probably didn't expect to see a political discussion, especially one so one-sided. Given the network's liberal bent, using an SNL skit to slip in an attack on Palin upon unsuspecting gamers is a sad low for journalism, but par for the course for MSNBC. 

Are you reading RealChoice?

We've found a great blog for those of you interested in the Pro-Life Movement. It's called RealChoice, and it's written by Christina Dunigan. She does some great research into the subjects she covers, so you always know the full story the media won't tell you. Click here to read it now or check out our blog list to visit her site.

Sean Penn is a dictator's BFF

You might be surprised to learn that being a Hollywood star makes you an expert on international affairs. Case in point: Sean Penn, grumpy Hollywood diva and best friend of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

Penn has visited the country and praised the efforts of the "President" who spends most of his free time bankrupting the nation's economy and imprisoning dissenters. Television stations in the country that broadcast news reports critical of his actions have been shut down. One would think that such a crackdown on free speech would repulse an artist, but not Sean Penn.
In the midst of the madness comes a dose of common sense. Actress Maria Conchita Alonso, who co-starred with Penn in the 1988 film Colors, has published an open letter to Penn, taking him to task for his support of Chavez and misrepresenting the Chavez regime as open and democratic. Alonso was born in Cuba but was raised in Venezuela.

The letter, published on the website, challenged the assertion made by Penn on the HBO show "Real Time with Bill Maher" on March 5 that Chavez had been elected in "the most transparent elections in the globe, and had been elected democratically." Alonso replied "Why didn't the government allow a manual recount of the votes and computer information when doubt set in? I strongly recommend that you read a report by the U.S. State Department written in 2009 entitled 'The Fraudulent Elections in Venezuela'."

After several referendums to lift term limits for the President failed in recent years, the proposal was approved in a February 2009 vote. While a number of human rights organizations and opposition groups questioned the validity of the vote, the door is now open for Chavez to be re-elected President for life.

Penn had also suggested that those who call Chavez a dictator should be thrown in jail: "There should be a bar by which one goes to prison for these kinds of lies,” he said. The winner of two acting Oscars thinks just like Chavez; a number of journalists in Venezuela have been imprisoned for speaking out against the regime.

Alonso also criticized Penn's assertions that Venezuela is a socialist paradise, an argument the actor has made in a number of interviews and opinion columns posted on liberal websites. She says Venezuela is "fast becoming Cuba's mirror image: (through) dismantling of fundamental democratic rights deserved by its people and citizens of the world." In recent years, Chavez has seized private property for use by his regime and fought back against student protesters when the economy faltered. Inflation in Venezuela is over 35% and the country is the murder capital of the world.

Penn has not yet responded to Alonso's letter.

Obama's Easter address ignores Christianity

Erykah Badu is no artist

Here in Dallas there is a lot of discussion about singer Erykah Badu's music video filmed here in which she stripped in public (in front of a number of children) on the site of JFK's assassination. She pretended to be shot and collapsed in the street in Dealey Plaza; blue blood then spilled from her head and spelled out GROUPTHINK. She claimed she was trying to make an artistic statement, overcoming her fears in public. Or whatever.

I felt compelled to respond to an article by a Dallas Morning News music critic who tried to justify her actions. I hope folks had the chance to see the story on WFAA which covered her CD signing here in Dallas on Saturday. In it, she refused to sign a TIME Magazine for a fan because it featured JFK on it. My question is, why wouldn't she? Couldn't she have made an artistic statement with it? She can find artistic justification to strip in public in front of children and was brave enough to mock the JFK assassination, but couldn't sign a magazine? We all know why - she knew it was going to go on eBay and fetch a small fortune, and since she couldn't make the money, no one else will. If it doesn't benefit her, she's not interested in doing it. That's not an artist. That's a media whore.

Another rotten thing about Denmark

The country whose greatest achievement is the creation of Legos now gives us the dumbest opinion piece we've read in some time. And we read The Huffington Post.

A Danish newspaper declared Obama greater than Jesus in a Christmas column. Their reasons why would be funny if they weren't so offensively stupid. To read more about what they said, click right here to read the column on

The Dallas Tea Party vs.Olbermann

The Dallas Tea Party didn't appreciate Keith Olbermann making fun of the entire Tea Party movement by accusing them of being an all white group with no minorities. Of course, from Olbermann's Ivory Tower at Rockefeller Center, he only shows what he wants to show, so through his narrow lens, tea partiers look like angry, racist rednecks.

To speak truth to power, the Dallas Tea Party has posted a YouTube video featuring what Olbermann would call an urban myth: minority Tea Partiers! To read the entire article at, click right here. By the way, the pic comes from, a first-rate site that I suggest you bookmark.

Glenn Beck Fans: Apple doesn't want your money

With the iPad now hitting stores, it's worth remembering a little tidbit via the Washington Times. Actually, it was a hit piece by Howard Kurtz, who was trying his best to make it appear as if Fox was upset with Beck because he's too controversial. Really? If the ratings mean anything, MSNBC wishes they had someone so controversial.

Anyway, the Kurtz column mentioned that Apple - makers of the iPad, iPod, and Mac computers, is boycotting advertising on Fox because of Beck. If that's the way Apple feels, then maybe I'll buy my iPod music somewhere else. It may be a pain, but it's Apple's decision, not mine.

Democratic congressman fears Guam might 'tip over'

Controversy is growing over a video of Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson (GA) wondering aloud if the island of Guam will "tip over and capsize" if too many U.S. Marines move there. Supporters say he was using dry humor and speaking metaphorically, but critics believe the congressman was serious, showing a lack of basic knowledge of earth science and physics.

In the video (featured above), Johnson is asking questions of Commander Robert Willard during a March 25, 2010 meeting of the Armed Services Committee. During a discussion of relocating 8,000 Marines and their families to the island, Johnson states "My fear is that the whole island would be so overly populated that it would tip over and capsize."

Cmdr. Willard does his best to take the statement seriously, answering "We don't anticipate that."
Johnson later tried to clarify his remark in a written statement, stating he was using a metaphor for the impact the Marines would have on the island. Upon viewing the video, it is clear this is not the case. After Johnson makes the "tip over" statement, he waits for Willard to answer without clarifying. He then says "and also, things like the environment," as he begins to discuss the ecological impact, so he clearly is speaking of two different things.

It seems controversy and illogical statements follow Hank Johnson around Washington. In 2009, he reacted to Joe Wilson's "You lie" outburst at President Obama by saying "I guess we'll probably have folks putting on white hoods and white uniforms again, and riding through the countrysides intimidating people," a statement that garnered criticism from both sides of the political aisle.

Hillary Clinton wants Canada to promote abortion

He's no Rocky: Obama tells GOP "Go for it"

In a speech given in Iowa City yesterday (March 25), President Obama continued to play the politics of division while openly challenging Republicans to repeal the health care reform bill he recently signed into law.

"There's been a lot of misinformation spread about health care reform," Obama said. "There has been plenty of fear-mongering and overheated rhetoric. And if you turn on the news, you'll see that those same folks are still shouting about how the world will end because we passed this bill. This is not an exaggeration." Once again, Obama himself creates a chasm in the health care debate discourse. In his mind, you cannot merely oppose his ideas because of political and economic ramifications. There is no "agree to disagree." In the President's mind, anyone who refuses to drink his kool-aid is a radical nutjob.   

The President then went on for several minutes to once again quote all of the supposed wonderful things this reform plan will do. Now that the bill is passed, it's completely unnecessary for him to do so, but Obama's still trying to win the PR battle with the American public. He's desperate to turn the tide of popular opinion, which is still largely against him.

Finally, the President challenged Republicans to try and repeal the bill. "Go for it," the President said. "If they want to have that fight, I'll welcome that fight." Now who's being violent?

Truth be told, America will "go for it," in droves. They will march on Election Day and place their ballot against those who supported this bill. The fight has only just begun.

The only thing liberals fear is losing power

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the media over the so-called "violence" over the passage of ObamaCare. A CNN anchor wondered "is this the end of civil debate in politics?" Story after story piled on the rumors and hearsay as if it were real and assumed at every point that rank and file Tea Partiers and conservatives were responsible.

Finally, CNN scraped the bottom of the intellectual barrel. They cut to a clip from The Joy Behar Show - JOY BEHAR - who openly blamed conservative talk radio and the right for the violence. When MSNBC attacks the right, at least their anchors and commentators have the guts to say it themselves. CNN hides behind people like Behar to take shots at the right and define the argument. Rick Sanchez and other anchors love to use "viewer feedback" to set the tone and make it appear as if conservatives are extremists. Ever see comments or emails from folks on the right? They rarely make it on air.

Democrats, and liberals in particular, aren't afraid of broken windows, name calling, and "hostile hate speech" as they would have you believe. Rather, they are tools to fight something they really fear: losing power. The right is rising, and we are witnessing a triumph of common sense over progressive thought. The working middle class is reclaiming power from the political elitists in Washington, and the idea has them running scared. Their only defense is to convince mainstream America that such movements are radical, and exaggerating some incidents and blaming the right is part of the plan.

No doubt there are those who will use such situations to express their anger, but it is nonsensical to portray such behavior as indicative of a large group of people. When anarchists riot at political summits, a liberal protester bites off the finger of a Tea Partier, and SEIU thugs beat up an African American Tea Partier, their actions are never condemned or fretted over by the media. The double standard is obvious, and should be worn as a badge of honor by those of us on the right. The tide has turned. The left is desperate. We are winning.

It was an ugly weekend

You won't hear this in the mainstream media, but eight anti-war protesters were arrested Saturday outside the White House, including Cindy Sheehan (that is her pictured here, not Jimmy Durante). She was screaming into a bullhorn that President Obama was a war criminal.

What you will see and hear is a number of those who protested the health care bill, portrayed as seething savages. At some point, MSNBC will say there were no minorities present in their number, even though there were. If the anti-war crowd and the immigration reform supporters (who marched in D.C. this weekend as well) do get any press, it will be the usual, sympathetic coverage. The media's venom will probably be focused on Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer, who shouted "It's a baby killer" on the House floor during the health care debate Sunday night. Just wait for it.

The EgoBama Strikes Back!

Good politicians are surgical with their criticism; the best ones insult with a smile and deadly precision. For being such a celebrated orator, President Obama is certainly not one of them: his statements during the health care debate have been condescending and rudely blunt, something almost unheard of from the Commander in Chief. His critiques are more Chicago mobster than Ivy League debater. He cannot let a single speech go by without singling out someone and giving them a verbal dressing down like they were a freshman late to one of his college lectures.

It's clear that on a personal level, Barack Obama hates being criticized or contradicted. As President, however, he needs to learn to roll with the punches. His ego continues to bubble to the surface at the worst times, as he openly complains for every petty argument made against him and declaring war on news organizations that don't follow him in lockstep. Nixon's "Enemies List" pales in comparison to Obama's verbal lashings against critics.

Presidents Reagan and Clinton were experts at the political jab without sounding petty or angry. They still made some attempt at civil bipartisanship. Obama gripes like you peed in his cornflakes. During his speech today to the Democratic Caucus, Obama once again burned bridges with opponents of health care, saying they didn't "walk the walk" in cutting the deficit or putting the needs of people first, a bold statement considering his reform plan does neither. His venom isn't limited to the health care debate: remember when he chewed out the Supreme Court in front of the nation during his State of the Union? If someone in the West Wing doesn't sit the President down soon and straighten him out, he'll go down in history as the most vindictive man to ever sit in the Oval Office.

Maybe he can pick a winner this time

Last year, President Obama was criticized for wasting time making picks on a bracket for the NCAA March Madness tournament. Unfortunately, like his push for health care reform, if he wants to do something, nobody can stop him. After all, this is the same guy who likes to pull rank and remind us "I am the President" whenever his actions are questioned, and so we have his picks once again this year.

I would be harder on the guy, but between quitting smoking (again), Michelle not letting him eat junk food, having to feed Rahm Emanuel live children, and "Crazy Uncle Joe" Biden putting his foot in his mouth all the time, the guy needs a break. Maybe if he spends more time watching basketball this month and less time wrecking the country, we will all be better off. Click here to see the President's picks.

Don't be sucked into Matt Damon's "Green Zone"

Matt Damon's new movie Green Zone may look like a nice action flick; after all, it is directed by Paul Greengrass, who brought us Damon's Bourne movies and the excellent United 93. However, those of you who remember Damon's politics (including his rant against Sarah Palin) probably won't be surprised that Green Zone is yet another liberal slam against the Iraq War and the policies of the Bush Administration. The U.S. government, not the terrorists, are the bad guys here, as the story focuses on the search for Saddam's WMDs, a subject liberals won't let go. It's like catnip for progressives.

WMDs were never enough justification for war. The atrocities of Saddam's regime, the thousands of bodies buried in mass graves along the Tigris, the whole villages gassed under his orders, and the genocide of the Kurds is reason enough.

Damon is using his platform of film to rewrite history and dictate how America views the war. It's a tactic he learned from his good friend and former neighbor, the late Howard Zinn, whose book "A People's History of the United States" was slammed by historians over its inaccuracies and attempts to rewrite the facts with a liberal slant.  Finding the real truth in films like Green Zone may be even harder to find than WMDs themselves.

Shocker: Uncle Sam spends like a drunken sailor

A story in the Dallas Morning News this weekend highlighted what sort of a job the government does with public housing. HUD paid a Dallas slumlord $1.5 million (in stimulus money no less) last year - equal to $850 a month per apartment - for a complex that features rotted floors, sewage spills, and exposed wiring. Twice, the city sued to shut the complex down as a public nuisance. HUD says the amount paid is fair market value. The article points out that you can find townhomes in better parts of Dallas for under $800 a month.

Let's put aside the government waste argument for a much larger point. This is just one of many examples of our federal government's inability to properly administer and provide oversight of an otherwise well-intentioned, useful program. It's why the government should not take over health care. The basics of health care (including doing everything possible to treat someone) will be undermined by the lack of accountability inherent in bureaucracy. If ObamaCare takes over, it is only a matter of time before we find out about waste and inefficiency that will bury the world's best health care system in a tangle of red tape. John McCain said it best: "Government interventions are not the solutions to our nation's challenges."

Keeping up with the Blue Dogs

We've added a great blog to our blog list: Doggin A Blue Dog. They do a great job of following the so-called "Blue Dog" Democrats and call them out when they vote liberal. Their coverage of the recent health care debate has been excellent - we suggest you keep up with them.

Israel sticks it to Crazy Uncle Joe Biden

Let me get this right: the Middle East is the most sensitive political situation in the whole wide world, and Obama sends "Crazy Uncle Joe" to lead talks with the Israelis and Palestinians? He is TRYING to start World War III?

Israel's announcement of more settlements in east Jerusalem just a day before Biden meets with Palestinian leaders was no mistake. No one plays hardball like the Israelis, and this is their way of giving the Obama administration notice that they aren't going to cater to the demands of Hamas or the Palestinian Authority. They could have waited for Biden to leave before making the announcement, but now the administration is forced to choose a side. Obama's been playing lip service to both sides, and they won't be able to do that anymore. The announcement also prevents Biden from making any concessions or promises to the Palestinians, which kills any chance of a PR victory for Obama with the trip. Israel wasn't willing to pay the price just so Obama could divert attention away from problems back home.

The U.N. has called Israel's new settlement plans illegal, but they never liked Israel anyway.  Biden has already tipped the administration's hand by condemning the move, but there's not much he can do about it. We know land concessions won't work: both Clinton and Bush II tried to broker deals with no success, because the Arabs refuse to accept Israel's presence. I guess Obama won't be bowing to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the next time he sees him.  

Source: Yahoo News

If you can't beat them, run them over

Abortion supporters hate dissent, so when some pro-life groups picketed outside a Reno abortion clinic, the head baby-killer-in-charge went after them with his car. To read the entire story, click here.

Why is this man still talking?

On March 3, President Obama declared the debate on health care over. "Every argument has been made. Everything there is to say about health care has been said and just about everyone has said it."

That hasn't stopped the President from still talking up his Doomsday health care plan. He did so on his radio address over the weekend and in a speech in Philadelphia today (March 8). He plans at least one more appearance and speech this week on the subject.

Obama's dictatorial approach to controlling the debate seems like a last ditch effort to force feed America something it doesn't want instead of a leader showing the way. With each passing day, the desperation at the White House grows, so expect more heavy-handed tactics.   

Obama Quote Source: USA Today

Don't Mess with the Obama

Why is this man so angry? Perhaps it's because rather than being the uniting force he promised to be, he's using the same Chicago-style bully tactics that he's used all of his life. Today, he's squashing anyone who dares to exercise their right to freely speak out and disagree with him. When Obama found out a the keynote speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast opposed gays in the military, he kicked him out of the event. Well, at least we know Obama can make a quick decision when it comes to the military. To read the whole article, click right here.

The Audacity of Egobama

When he doesn't have a teleprompter on, the real Barack Obama tends to show, and it isn't the inspiring leader folks thought they were electing. Consider how he acted in his meeting with congressional leaders over health care reform.  What was supposed to be a bipartisan discussion of the issues disintegrated into an ego fest with Obama acting like a professor lecturing freshmen.

Everyone - Republicans included - played to the cameras, but only Obama was petty enough to pull rank just to win the argument. He talked down to anyone who opposed him and wagged a haughty finger. At one point, he cut off a Republican in mid-sentence, insisting that things were running long. When it was pointed out to him that Democrats had used twice the amount of time to speak as Republicans, Obama said "There was an imbalance, but that was because, well, I'm the President." Thataway to lead, Egobama! 

Yes, sir. Yes I do.

Someone put this billboard up on a highway in Wyoming. Greatness.Thanks to our friend Norm Gamel for bringing this to our attention.

You paid for Nancy Pelosi's hangover!

Judicial Watch got a hold of receipts for Nancy Pelosi's travels, and not only did she spend over $2 million in taxpayer money to have the military fly her around, she spent over $200,000 on booze consumed on those flights. That would explain a few things.

To read the entire column about her vodka-soaked travels, click right here.

Obama's Bizarro Speech

I'll leave the more detailed critiques to the pros, but I don't think I've ever seen a more contradictory speech ever. EVER. President Obama's bizarro State of the Union speech defied logic and mocked the obvious truth. He tried to rewrite the history of the past year with jaw-dropping boldness. He actually claimed to run a transparent administration. He said he kept lobbyists and special interests out of positions in his government. Even Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito was seen mouthing the words "NOT TRUE" when Obama criticized the High Court for daring to rule against his wishes, saying the decision would hurt the election process. This is why he has worn so thin with voters on both sides of the political spectrum. They see the harsh realities of his actions  - or inaction - every day of their lives. In Obama's bizarro world, everything is wonderful, and he will do whatever he can to convince us of that.  

Planned Parenthood Exploits the Haiti Crisis

When you are in the business of killing off human beings when they are at their most vulnerable, ethics is not among your top priorities. Perhaps that is why the International Planned Parenthood Federation is asking for a slice of the Haitian charity pie. They hope the goodwill of people will fund their their clinics in Haiti, which were destroyed in the recent earthquake. With your help, they can get back to aborting Haiti's unborn ASAP! For the whole sickening story, click here to read the report at

Diane Sawyer: Obama Cheerleader and Drunken Party Girl

Diane Sawyer just can't help singing the praises of President Obama, even when he has a terrible political week. She tries a little too hard to put a positive spin on things instead of facing the hard realities. We examine her choice of Michelle Obama as her "Person of the Week," where she praised the First Lady like she had actually accomplished something. For more on her love for all things Obama, and a video reminder of how his inauguration sent her off on a drunken binge, click here to read my column at

Danny Glover is a lethal idiot

Danny Glover thinks the Haiti earthquake is the earth's revenge on us for all the global warming and climate change we caused. He said Mother Earth is upset over the failed Copenhagen climate summit. Apparently, some big mouth spilled the beans to her. To read the entire column detailing Glover's outrageous assertions, click here.

MSNBC Goes Nuts!

You might have missed MSNBC's reaction to Republican Scott Brown winning Ted Kennedy's former Senate seat on January 19, 2010. After all, who really watches MSNBC anyway? Just a few dozen folks like myself who enjoy checking in to see what the weird kids are up to.

Up and down the MSNBC lineup, commentators and talk show hosts are finding it difficult to deal with the reality that Obama and his liberal socialist friends have already worn out their welcome with America, even in Massachusetts. Despite the fact that Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1, the state just elected a GOP senator.

Rachel Maddow was visibly shocked when the results came in - video of the moment Brown won shows Maddow swallowing deeply and struggling to say the words. The next day she downplayed the impact of the election, choosing instead to point out that Democrats still had a large majority in the Senate, at least for now. Ed Schultz, host of "The Ed Show," struggled to put a positive spin on things. The best he could muster was a shot at one of Brown's statements on the "Today Show." The senator-elect told the program that the war on terror and health care reform would be his priorities to address. "Terror? Terror is your priority?" the host asked incredulously. "Aren't we safe?" Either Schultz fails to grasp how close we came to disaster with the underwear bomber or doesn't care much for the soldiers and civilians who were gunned down at Ft. Hood. At least under President Bush, terror plots were foiled by authorities. Now, under Obama, plots are foiled by pure chance, and taxpayers get to pay for attorneys for terrorists. Sports reporter turned pontificating pseudo-intellectual Keith Olbermann actually tried to claim the moral high ground by portraying Brown as some sort of sociopath.

I'm sure it was difficult for Olbermann to focus his moral relativity to certain particular stances, but he did manage to call Brown an "irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, a teabagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees." Olbermann did later offer an apology, saying he forgot to include "sexist" to his list of insults. He then challenged anyone to prove him wrong. Of course, he's only right if you accept Olbermann's moral presuppositions, which come from his twisted liberal worldview. He also tries, with little effect, to tie Brown to an incident during which an attendee at a Brown campaign rally supposedly threatened violence against his opponent, Martha Coakley. Though the incident could not be proven, Brown refused to speculate or comment on the matter. Olbermann took that as advocating the violence.

It's been a common tactic for liberals fighting the rise of conservatives and libertarians in the Tea Party movement: portray them as violent radicals who are being quietly supported by their leaders. It's all a reach, but in Olbermann's "bizarro" world, it all makes perfect sense.

Enjoy the show as the ivory tower at MSNBC crumbles and their commentators have to answer to the common folk: they really are entertaining as their grip on reality slips away.

Obama's economy kills Air America

Harry Reid's Teachable Moment

Despite predictions that the election of Barack Obama would end racism as we know it, it seems our President is having to deal with it more than ever. He wasn't expecting, however, to hear racial stereotypes from members of his own party.

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) is under fire for comments he made before Obama was elected President and are now being published in a book. In an attempt to assess Obama's candidacy, Reid said the then-senator could be successful because he was a "light-skinned" black man and had "no Negro dialect whatsoever, unless he wanted to have one."

 There's no need to discuss how stupid the quote was; it was obviously a poor choice of words. What is interesting is the response being given to Reid's quote. It exposes a double standard that's hard to deny. Consider in today's over-sensitive PC culture, such quotes are treated as major scandals. In 2002, a similar stupid statement by Trent Lott about Strom Thurmond cost him his majority leader post. Lott said America could have avoided a lot of problems had Thurmond's 1948 presidential run been successful. Thurmond was a noted segregationist at the time.

In a CNN interview at the time, Al Gore called Lott's comments racist. Jesse Jackson said Lott should resign, which he did. That was for remarks that only alluded to race. Now, many of the same politicians who dogpiled on Lott's comments in 2002 are either quiet or actually defending Reid, saying his apologies are enough and it is time to move on. Would the same be said if Reid were a Republican?

I'm sure there will be those who say that when a liberal says something stupid, it's OK because they don't mean it. When a Republican says something stupid, they will argue, it's racist because at heart, all Republicans are racist. Such arguments hold no water because they obviously show a double-standard. Even as this scandal breaks, news reports surface that many are upset that the 2010 Census form, when asking a citizen to list their race, uses the word "negro." And yet, Reid's statement, which used the same word, is not considered offensive. Consider that Reid also said that Obama can use a "negro dialect" if he wants to. Why is no one asking Reid to clarify what he means by that? Isn't that statement just as offensive? 

Earlier this year, Obama chose to dive head-first into the race issue when a white Massachusetts cop confronted a black man whom he thought was breaking into a house. After Obama called the officer's actions "stupidly," the President called both parties to the White House so they could sit in front of cameras, have a beer, and have a "teachable moment."

The question is, where is Obama and his "teachable moment" now? Where is the White House pow-wow with all the old white Democrats to make sure they understand that you can't say those things? Why are liberals so ready to move on? Where is the sit-down to discuss race in America and an attempt to learn something from all this? Where is the public reprimand or Senate censure for Reid? Where is Al Sharpton?

Perhaps there is a "teachable moment" in all of this. If there is no political hay to be made, President Obama and other Democrats will look the other way on racially insensitive comments. They won't be offended until a Republican says something stupid. It's a sad lesson to learn about liberals.


Look out Janet - here comes the Obama bus!

It only took 12 days or so, but President Obama is finally showing some leadership on this Christmas airline bombing attempt. In his statement today (Jan. 5) the Apologist-in-Chief said there were fundamental flaws in the system and a failure to distribute intel to the proper channels. Of course, he seemed to carefully step around the whole "War on Terror" and "Islamic fundamentalists" thing, but I'll take what I can get. This leads me to wonder where Janet Napolitano's whole "the system works" viewpoint fits in here. Could Obama be ready to throw Janet under the bus like Van Jones? Get ready to play her off, Keyboard Cat!

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow misses Chuck Norris' point