Los Angeles launches program to recruit LGBTQ foster parents (VIDEO)

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month, and facing a shortfall of foster parents, Los Angeles County is sponsoring a campaign to recruit LGBTQ parents.

The campaign, in conjunction with RaiseAChild.org, consists of seminars, media, and even street signage reaching out to gay and LGBTQ couples to consider foster parenting.

Will the Disney World Hall of Presidents censor Trump?

Disney is reportedly considering "muting" President Donald Trump when his animatronic figure is added to the Hall of Presidents attraction at Disney theme parks. The landmark attraction features every President, and traditionally, recent Presidents "talk" to the audience. That may now change.

New Anonymous Video: USA, North Korea secretly preparing for World War 3

The hacktivist group Anonymous is warning that war over North Korea is imminent, and the world's superpowers are already preparing for it. The message comes in a new video posted to the group's official YouTube account.

Liberals target 10 conservative companies for boycott

An activist group called Liberals Unite has targeted ten companies that progressives should boycott. The list includes major companies and corporations, and the group outlines the evidence of their crime: supporting conservative values and Republican candidates.