Watch what happens to the crowd at a liberal election watch party

Last night, the Alamo Drafthouse Movie Theater in Richardson, Texas (a suburb of Dallas) held an election watch party in one of their theaters, and over 120 people, mostly Hillary Clinton supporters, showed up to celebrate what they thought would be her coronation.

I'm sure you can see where this is going.

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange: We found no dirt on Trump, only Hillary

Julian Assange just released a statement on the 2016 American elections. He defended his exposure of the corruption of Hillary Clinton, and explained why he never published anything negative on Donald Trump. His reason? They had nothing secret or negative on Trump to provide.

BREAKING: Donald Trump sues over Nevada voting fraud; Judge throws out suit

A judge has tossed a lawsuit by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump over voting irregularities in the state of Nevada.

First Election Results from Dixville Notch, NH: Clinton tops Trump

We have the first results from the 2016 Presidential Election, from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.



TRUMP     2



Clinton scandals are the star of this hilarious animated political ad (VIDEO)

The numerous Clinton scandals become literal baggage in a new political ad. 

Produced by the Future 45 SuperPAC, the animated political ad (called "Moving Vans") spoofs "The Simpsons" and shows what would happen if the Clintons move back into the White House. The duo also brings with them all of their political baggage, including two active FBI investigations.

New Trump Ad Hits Hillary Right In The Weiner!

Donald Trump's latest campaign ad hits Hillary Clinton right in the Weiner. Anthony Weiner, that is. 

Hillary's reckless and illegal behavior put classified emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop, and the Trump ad questions her ability to lead when she makes these types of errors.

You can watch the epic ad after the jump!

Hillary avoiding press on her own campaign plane

Jennifer Griffin of Fox News (along with many other members of the press) is reporting that Hillary Clinton has not spoken with press members on her campaign plane since Friday. That happens to be the same day the FBI announced they were re-opening an investigation into her private email server. So where's Hillary?