Hillary spends Sunday morning in a bar slumming for votes (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton is having a bad week. So bad, in fact, that she spent Sunday morning at a bar in Miami slumming for votes. Watch the video after the jump!


BREAKING: Mike Pence's plane skids off runway in New York

Gov. Mike Pence's campaign plane had a rough landing and skidded off the runway at LaGuardia Airport in New York tonight.

According to Dan Gallo, a producer with Fox News, the plane skidded off a wet runway and it sounded like "the brakes were being jammed on all the time," and the smell of burnt rubber was evident. No injuries were reported and Gov. Pence spoke to reporters on the plane to ensure they were OK.

Elizabeth Landers, a CNN producer, said it felt as if the back of the plane skidded.

We'll update this story as this develops.

We knew Hillary's pantsuit looked familiar!

 It's OK to laugh. She has it coming.

VP Debate proves Tim Kaine is bat-guano crazy

Some of Donald Trump's support comes from the fact that people cannot stomach the idea of a person like Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. After the first Vice Presidential Debate, Republicans may have an even better argument. Does America really want someone as unhinged as Tim Kaine a heartbeat away from the Presidency?