Planned Parenthood attacks Marco Rubio

Planned Parenthood hates it when their main source of income is threatened, so the nation's largest abortion provider is once again taking aim at one of their favorite targets: Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Obama's PAC launches gun control campaign on social media

There are several reasons why Republicans and conservatives in general are losing the culture war, but none are as glaring as the ability of the liberal left to quickly utilize social media to support a movement. The recent Orlando nightclub shooting is a prime example.

After the Orlando shooting, Republicans had the right talking points; namely, Muslim extremism inspired the killer to commit an act of terrorism against gays, an oppressed and persecuted minority under Islam. However, within 24 hours of the tragedy taking place, Organizing for Action (a PAC formed out of the Obama presidential campaign organization) was already pushing the "gun control" narrative with an elaborate social media campaign.

Good Lord, this Hillary Clinton GIF is terrifying!

We all know Hillary Clinton has a relatability problem. It's more than just her political views or the tone of her excited voice, which is not unlike the deathly wail of the banshee summoning an innocent soul to the afterlife. No, Hillary's main problem is that her normal demeanor is cold and calculating, and most of her attempts at human authenticity seem insincere.

When she shows some genuine emotion, it is often an angry outburst that likely sends her own grandchild running for cover. Hillary supporters have done their best to give her a softer side, but their efforts usually fall short or backfire badly. One only needs to look at the recent "Abuela Clinton" debacle (where the campaign tried to liken Hillary to a loving Latina grandmother) as proof they are trying way too hard. And now, we have another misfire from the Clinton camp.

Hacked TX highway sign: 'Hillary for Prison!'

Just days after Dallas electronic street signs were hacked to warn drivers that Donald Trump was a “shape-shifting lizard,” and urging people to vote for Bernie Sanders, we have another political statement via digital traffic sign. And this time, Republicans will like what it has to say about Hillary Clinton.

KDFW Fox 4 in Dallas reports someone hacked a digital sign along Interstate 30 in the city, with the words “Hillary for Prison” flashing over and over to drivers who took the time to read it. It also displayed the phrase “Free Barrett Brown,” in reference to the independent journalist and former member of Anonymous, who was sent to prison for leaking information about government military contractors.

The new incident occurred less than half a mile from the last sign hacking, but it is unclear if the same person is behind it. It certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the same person could be both “Never Trump” and “Never Hillary.” Whoever is behind the hacking is certainly a better speller than the TV station employee who created the graphic for the news story, who misspelled “prison,” as the screenshot above shows.

It looks like the "vast right-wing conspiracy" Hillary Clinton warned us about is at it again!

Sugar daddies are supporting this surprising candidate for President

We know you're likely wondering about the political leanings of "sugar daddies," that subset of the older male population who throws their disposable income at young, pretty gold-diggers. Thankfully, a new survey has answered that burning question.