University retreat lectures students about their 'white privilege'

The University of Vermont is ensuring that tomorrow's generation of leaders are burdened with as much white guilt as possible. Well, at least the future leaders who "self-identify" as white.

Peter Hasson of reports that UV recently offered a three-day retreat for students who "self-identify as white" to "confront their white privilege." Yes, those are actual phrases used by the university, so I'll give you a moment to take in all the stupid those phrases present.

Now that you're done facepalming, here's what Hasson reported about the retreat:
According to the university, the self-identifying white students who attend the retreat will come to “recognize and understand white privilege from an individual experience” and have the opportunity to “conceptualize and articulate whiteness from a personal and systematic lense as well as the impact of white privilege on the UVM community and beyond.”
The self-identifying white students also tackled tough questions such as “What does it mean to be white?” and “How does whiteness impact you?”
The university website features testimonials from past attendees of the retreat, who praised the way the event was a “safe space.”
According to the school’s website, the University of Vermont offered the retreat at no cost to its privileged white students, covering all expenses including meals.
I don't know about you, but shouldn't the university have charged them for the cost of the retreat, including all their meals? Doesn't a free retreat and free food reinforce the "white privilege" concept?

At the very least, their meals should have included some soul food and Tex-Mex, so they can see how the "other side" lives. Or perhaps, if they are truly trying to make the students feel the pain of being white, the university should have fed them nothing but Wonder Bread and rice cakes during the retreat.

Editor Victor Medina on Kevin Jackson's radio show discussing Al Gore's failed climate change concert

When Liberals Attack editor Victor Medina also serves as editor for Political Illusions Exposed, a political website aimed at millennials. He recently joined Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson on his radio show to discuss Al Gore's "24 Hours of Reality" climate change benefit concert in Paris, which was canceled after a wave of terrorist attacks swept the city on February 13 (you can read our coverage of the Al Gore concert here). Click the video above to hear the segment from the radio show! You can visit to learn more about Kevin Jackson and his show.

Ronda Rousey endorses socialist Bernie Sanders, then redistributes her championship title

We used to have a lot of respect for UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, but when she endorsed socialist Bernie Sanders for President this past week, all of that went out of the window. Unfortunately, the "Bern" mystique didn't help Rousey much, as she was summarily beat down and knocked out for her first loss just days after the endorsement was announced.

It appears Rousey was following Sanders' socialist lead and immediately redistributed her championship belt to to challenger Holly Holm Saturday night. Unlike most socialists, who don't want to live by their own miserable socialist standards, it seems Rousey realized her 12 wins and championship title were plenty, and decided to "spread the wealth." And she got really bloodied doing it.

If you think Rousey's endorsement of Sanders made her sound a bit punch-drunk, read her entire quote, where she reveals her choice for President in 2012. It will make you wonder if she has any brains left in her head: 
I’m voting for Bernie Sanders, because he doesn’t take any corporate money. I don’t think politicians should be allowed to take money for their campaigns from outside interests.

If he doesn’t win against Hillary, then I’ll probably vote for a third party again. To be honest, in 2012 I was against both candidates and so I just picked any third party because I thought if more people voted for third parties then they’d have to take third parties seriously.

I voted for Roseanne (Barr) last time. Mostly I went in to vote for all the state and local things. I was so unimpressed with the whole presidential campaign that I picked whatever third party I saw, and I saw Roseanne and thought, ‘That’s awesome.’ But I’m really pulling for Sanders this time. I hope it works out.

It seems odd that a person who believes in the benefits of personal accomplishment and competition would support a socialist. Perhaps liberal Hollywood has twisted her worldview and deprived her of her common sense. Hopefully that kick to the head by Holly Holm knocked some sense back into her.

The reality of terror forces Al Gore to cancel climate change 'reality' concert in Paris

Former Vice President Al Gore was forced to cancel a "climate change" benefit concert in Paris called "24 Hours of Reality" after a series of terrorist attacks in the city brought the true realities of the world to the forefront.

For years, Gore and environmentalists including President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have warned that climate change is the greatest global threat to humanity. In a sad twist of irony, the terrorist attacks in Paris Friday night proved just how naive that mindset is.

Friday evening, just before the terrorist attacks in Paris occurred, Al Gore kicked off "Live Earth: 24 Hours of Reality," a telethon/benefit concert at the Eiffel Tower to bring attention to climate change. The event was to last 24 hours, live-stream online, and include performances by Elton John and Bon Jovi. The event only lasted about five hours, however, before Gore and the event's organizers pulled the plug.

“Out of solidarity with the French people and the City of Paris, we have decided to suspend our broadcast of 24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth. Our thoughts are with all who have been affected and the entire nation of France,” Gore said in a press statement. “We send our condolences to the families of those who have been killed or injured.”

While fighting man-made pollution is a noble cause, the climate change movement (an entirely different endeavor) has become its own cottage industry among the liberal left, that achieves few results while consolidating power in government. The argument that climate change poses the greatest threat to man came burning down in Paris, as environmentalists ran head on into the true realities of our violent world. 

H/T: The Wrap

This 'Blazing Saddles' star loves that he's a conservative meme

Actor Burton Gilliam's career has spanned over 40 years and some classic roles in films including Blazing Saddles, Honeymoon in Vegas, and Back to the Future III. Don't even get us started on his TV career - he has appeared in just about every great show of the 1980s, from The "Dukes of Hazzard" to "The A-Team" to "Knight Rider." The man has done it all, and now, he's even a meme.

Gilliam recently posted the political meme featured above to his Facebook page after a fan made him aware of it, which features his character from Blazing Saddles. The meme notes the irony of the Affordable Care Act (known as "Obamacare") addressing the issue of people unable to afford health insurance by fining them for it. The look on Gilliam's face perfectly captures the irony of the statement.

Even though he is active on Facebook, Burton rarely steps into politics, but he couldn't help chiming in on the meme when he shared it. "Wish I was smart enough to have said that!" he exclaimed, as dozens of fans then began relaying their negative experiences with Obamacare and examples of rising premiums.

To continue the Blazing Saddles/Obamacare meme theme, here's another, without Gilliam:

Too late to delete! Hillary Clinton's tweet is accidentally obscene (NSFW)

Note: Some may find the following material inappropriate for work or offensive.

Hillary Clinton must have the worst political luck ever. She can’t even retweet without raising eyebrows.

Artist Ian Padgham noticed something in one of Hillary Clinton’s recent retweets, and tweeted a screenshot of it. This is not Photoshop – this is how Twitter abbreviated the title of an NBC News puff piece about the Clinton campaign. The cutoff did depend on the size of the screen on the device you are using, but for many, it was a naughty but funny slip-up, made even better by Hillary’s “Guilty as charged” proclamation. Check it out:

Something tells us Bill doesn't find any of this funny.

Hollywood ignores Fred Thompson's death

If a conservative dies in Hollywood, do the liberal elites in the entertainment industry care? Apparently not.

After Fred Thompson passed away from lymphoma this past week, the former Tennessee senator was lauded on both sides of the political aisle as a man of principle and a true statesman. A senator from 1994 until 2003, Thompson also ran for President in 2007.

Thompson, however, also had a long, distinguished career as a character actor, most notably appearing in over 100 episodes of "Law & Order," as well as films including The Hunt for Red October, Die Hard 2, and Secretariat. Hollywood, however, took little notice of his passing, including the creator of "Law & Order," at least initially.