Would-be robber didn't expect his victim to be armed; now he's dead

A man hoping to rob customers in a restaurant parking lot did not expect one of them to be carrying a gun. He should have known better; after all, he was in Texas. Emphasis on the was.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified by authorities, attempted to rob two people outside the Benihana's restaurant in Dallas Sunday night. When the suspect put on a mask and pulled a gun, one of the customers pulled out their gun, and shots were exchanged. Both individuals were hit, but the would-be robber died later at the hospital. The victim is expected to recover from his wound.

It just goes to show you: there may be criminals in Texas, but they aren't here for long. 

H/T: WFAA-TV Dallas

Atheists demand Texas town remove 'Jesus Welcomes You' sign

The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FRF) in Wisconsin has threatened legal action against the town of Hawkins, Texas for erecting a sign on city property that says “Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins.”

The town of Hawkins, about 75 miles east of Dallas, installed the sign four years ago, and it was supported by the city council, the Chamber of Commerce, and numerous residents. Students from the local high school’s shop class helped make the sign. According to The Tyler (Texas) Morning Telegraph, FRF sent a letter to the city asking them to remove the sign and “refrain from displaying any messages that endorse religion or non-religion in the future,” arguing that it is an “unconstitutional religious display on government property.”

“It is inappropriate and unconstitutional for the city of Hawkins to display the sign, because it conveys both a government preference for religion over non-religion and prefers Christianity over other religions,” an attorney for the foundation wrote in the letter.
Mayor Will Rogers said a recent public meeting showed overwhelming support from residents in favor of the sign, which is maintained by private funds and volunteers, not the town. Although Hawkins town officials have not decided how to respond to the letter, Mayor Rogers believes the city will win if they go to court to keep the sign.

H/T: The Tyler Morning Telegraph, PoliticalIllusionsExposed.com

Watch crabby Hillary blow off a supporter

Hillary Clinton's true colors are starting to show, and it isn't pretty. Check out the video below to see how she treated one of her own supporters when she asked for a photo: Clinton blows off the request, telling her to "go to the back of the line." Really Hillary? Three seconds of your time isn't worth one person's vote?

H/T: Fox News/Fox and Friends, PoliticalIllusionsExposed.com