Kim Kardashian marks Veteran's Day by tweeting her bare butt

It would seem the narcissism of Kim Kardashian knows no bounds. The woman famous for being famous (and a few X-rated activities) marked Veteran’s Day a little different than most Americans. While many of us took to social media to thank friends, family, and complete strangers for their military service and sacrifice, the completely oblivious Mrs. Kanye West shared a photo of her bare butt and asked fans to “break the internet” with it.

Kardashian didn’t acknowledge Veteran’s Day on Tuesday at all, but did find the time to promote a new pictorial and article about her in Paper Magazine. As part of that promotion, she tweeted a link to a picture from the pictorial showing her heavily-oiled bare butt with the hashtag #breaktheinternet. She also tweeted about one of the other pictures in the pictorial (in which she balanced a champagne glass on her butt) by saying “and they say I didn’t have a talent...LOL.” The pictorial in Paper Magazine also features Kardashian, who has a one-year-old daughter, posing fully nude.

Kardashian may be known for her shameless self-promotion, but the lack of awareness over the significance of the day became a point of contention for many on the internet, who hijacked the #breaktheinternet hashtag to criticize Kardashian and our culture’s obsession with celebrities. They also pointed out that Veteran’s Day put the whole stunt in perspective. YouTube personality Mel Rose tweeted “How about we #BreakTheInternet with RT's about sending holiday cards to our soldiers fighting for our freedom?” She included a link to the Red Cross web site, where one could send a card to a soldier through the organization.

Glee’s Naya Rivera publicly scolded Kardashian, pointing out that she was a mother. @AnnaNiess tweeted “It's frustrating to be constantly reminded that the only way a powerful, successful woman can #breaktheinternet is with her naked body.”

@eddieibarra18 had perhaps one of the best tweets of the trend, saying “If that lady really wanted to #breaktheinternet, she should have taken a picture of her reading a book. We haven't seen that.”

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