TMZ calls Sarah Palin a B***H and gets away with it

America may claim to be hyper-sensitive and politically correct when it comes to criticizing women, but make no mistake: it's still open season on conservative women.  

Case in point: TMZ, the guys masking paparazzi stalkers as journalists, recently reported on Sarah Palin getting a speeding ticket. That opened up a wave of attacks from TMZ staffers (who comment on the stories), including some of their female staffers, calling Palin a "bitch" and a "horrible mom." A male staffer then chimed in that she was "too stupid to be evil." You can see the full TMZ segment above.

Let's see...Jenny McCarthy jokes that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian and has to apologize in an op-ed, and yet TMZ is allowed to call someone a "bitch" and get away with it because they are conservative? It seems some women are more equal than others.

Reports of diseased immigrant children mirror Nazi propaganda

This Nazi propaganda poster from 1941
tells Polish residents that Jews are
carriers of Typhus
This column was originally posted on Bob Quasius also contributed to the piece.

The surge of refugee immigrant children to America’s southern border has ignited a vehement anti-immigrant tone in reporting by many independent news organizations and bloggers. In an effort to create justification for the deportation of these children without granting refugee status, many of these reporters are echoing propaganda tactics eerily reminiscent of the Nazi campaign against European Jews during World War II. 

The techniques used by today’s reporters and bloggers include not-so-subtle characterizations of the children, including the repeated use of the term “illegal alien” over “refugee” or “undocumented immigrant,” which is the far more correct legal designation. The loaded term “illegal alien,” and the often-unfounded implications it carries, is the reason why respected news organizations like Associated Press no longer use the term in general.

A far more insidious technique employed by writers in anti-immigrant press, however, takes a page out of the Nazi propaganda handbook. It involves using legitimate examples of sick immigrant children with various ailments, some serious, and depicting it as far more widespread and dangerous than it actually is.

Would Michelle Obama eat Abortion Ice Cream or Gay Whoppers?

First Lady Michelle Obama stresses the importance of eating healthy, even though she rarely practices what she preaches and likes to indulge in high calorie foods. It would not surprise us, then, if Mrs. Obama downs a "Gay Whooper" to show her support for gay marriage and polishes that off with a scoop of "Planned Parenthood Ice Cream" to show her solidarity for baby killing.

The mainstream media once bemoaned the idea that Chick-fil-A would politicize fast food when the company's founder endorsed Christian beliefs and traditional marriage. Now that the politicization has shifted to a liberal cause, the media is embracing, if not celebrating, the move.

You likely heard about the "Gay Whopper," which was offered by a San Francisco Burger King during the city's Gay Pride Parade in June. Actually called the "Proud Whopper," the burger is no different from a standard Whopper, except that it comes in a rainbow-colored wrapper with the words "We Are All The Same Inside."

Burger King recently posted a YouTube video promoting the "Gay Whopper," which included a shot of a Burger King manager asking a customer if they wanted meat, because "we can go both ways."

Meanwhile, up the West Coast in Portland, Oregon, supporters of abortions rights wanted to show some solidarity with Planned Parenthood, so an ice cream shop called What's The Scoop? offered a special flavor ("Rose City Revolution") to honor the organization, with 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the ice cream donated to the abortion provider. The flavor was sold during a special event at the business on July 17.

A Facebook event post advertising
"Ice Cream for Planned Parenthood"
The abortion ice cream event was first reported by, who posted an image from the event listing called "Ice Cream for Planned Parenthood," from the Facebook page of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon. Although Planned Parenthood said the event was a "big success," how much money was raised was not disclosed. In addition, the owner of the ice cream shop claims they have received threatening messages via phone and social media, although the only insult they could actually produce is a Facebook post from someone asking if they would produce a flavor called "Fetus Fudge."

Howard Stern fan dupes MSNBC, mocks Malaysia Airlines tragedy

We aren't sure what's worse: that a Howard Stern fan would make light of a tragedy that killed nearly 300 people, or the ineptitude of MSNBC and host Krystal Ball gave this idiot a platform and didn't catch on right away.

In case you missed it, MSNBC's Ball was hosting 'The Cycle' and providing coverage of the shoot-down of Malaysian Flight MH17 in the Ukraine on Thursday. A man claiming to be a U.S. Army staff sergeant managed to convince MSNBC producers that he had witnessed the event, and they put him on the air to be interviewed by Ball.

Things went south pretty quick, as the man said at the beginning of the interview that it appeared the plane was “shot down by a blast of wind from Howard Stern’s ass.” Neither Ball nor MSNBC producers reacted to the line, and Ball continued to try to question him. The man then told Ball “Well, you’re a dumbass aren’t you,” at which time, producers informed Ball she was being pranked and went to a commercial.

That MSNBC was duped into putting this guy on the air speaks to the lazy journalistic standards the network has, if any. The man claimed to be at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine at the time, which is in Kiev, nowhere near the crash site, so it would have been impossible to have seen the plane go down.

Terrorists and liberal college professors still hate Jack Bauer

Nothing gets liberals stirred up like giving terrorists and other enemies of liberty a harsh taste of justice. The return of Jack Bauer to TV screens this summer just set them off again.

Bauer, portrayed by actor Kiefer Sutherland, is back in action in the Fox miniseries "24: Live Another Day," in which he uses his special brand of "enhanced interrogation techniques" to save Britain from terrorists and the United States from going to war with China. His mere presence was enough to rile up Rebecca Gordon, a University of San Francisco philosophy teacher, peace activist, and author of a book called Mainstreaming Torture. Gordon penned an op-ed, which The Huffington Post gladly published, titled "Still Living with Jack Bauer in a Terrified New American World."

If you think Gordon's column is a direct indictment of "24" and Bauer's treatment of bad guys, you would be wrong. Jack Bauer is merely a red herring to entice readers to ingest the column. It isn't really about Bauer or Hollywood's depiction of violence at all. Rather, Gordon issues a tired diatribe against the Bush administration's use of "enhanced interrogation techniques," echoing the same attacks on the former President and Dick Cheney that most liberals got out of their system when they left office.

Gordon only mentions Jack Bauer once, and immediately begin attacking George W. Bush in the second paragraph. In an attempt to rewrite history, Gordon contends Bush was racially motivated, floating the idea that our government convinced us that "Dark-skinned foreigners promoting disturbing religions were driven to destroy because, as President George W. Bush said more than once, 'they hate our freedoms.' It was 'them or us.'" That is an incredibly twisted and over-simplified view of the justification for the War on Terror, and Gordon fails to realize that radical Islam is blindly driven to destroy western civilization, a point that the last 14 years have proven time and again.

At the core of Gordon's obsession is her belief that not enough people went to prison over the torture scandal during the second Gulf War, namely the President and Vice-President. "We have never had a full accounting of all the torture programs used in the War on Terror," she argues, while bringing up Abu Ghraib and even CIA missions dating back to the Vietnam War. She does, mildly, take President Obama to task for not doing more to stop continued torture, but her true focus is on the Bush legacy and the military tasked to keep us safe.

Gordon insists we live in a "cowardly new world," because we continue to justify the torture of terrorists. She seems oblivious to the realities of our world, one in which radical Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS continue to march across the Middle East, leaving death in their wake. Perhaps it is because she makes these proclamations from the detached serenity of the University of San Francisco, as she seems annoyed that "in these years, 'safety' and 'security' have become primary national concerns." Perhaps she should ask the hundreds of Christian girls kidnapped and victimized by Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group in Nigeria, whose actions have gone unchallenged for years.

While no one suggests torture be mainstreamed, those of us who enjoy the blessings of liberty and safety should trust the judgement of those who provide it. While mechanisms should be in place to prevent excesses and abuses, we should also understand that in a world of pure evil, torture has become a necessary evil.

Gordon tries to paint the use of torture as a selfish act, used for one's own benefit. "There is a word for people whose first concern is always for their own safety and who will therefore permit anything to be done in their name as long as it keeps them secure. Such people are sometimes called cowards." Gordon fails to recognize that those who resort to torture do so not for their own amusement, but as a final resort to protect those under their charge. Osama bin Laden and those responsible for 9/11 were found only after waterboarding and other "enhanced interrogation techniques" loosened the lips of their associates.

Those harsh realities, however, seem too far removed from San Francisco for Gordon to acknowledge them.

Reagan sets Ann Coulter straight

Ann Coulter says soccer will destroy America because it encourages communism and other cultures. I may not like soccer much, but I'll take it over a race-baiting self promoter like Ann Coulter.

Bacon makes understanding the Hobby Lobby decision easy